Top Luxury Hotels – How To Spot The Best!

With the way the economy is right now, everyone is looking to save a small amount of money. This is the main reason why the top luxury hotels are losing more and more business, but when you really think of it – have you ever stayed at a luxury hotel? Not many people have in their lives and honestly if you do not have that, you should really look at this article as we will outline exactly what a luxury hotel is and what you need.

Service is by far one of the best things about luxury hotels, and it's about service when you stay on one. The service at the hotel will be the first priority for all employees as they know that you are staying in their hotel with expectations. For example, the Ritz Carlton is a hotel that knows everything about service. They maintain a very, very high level of service, and their employees are trained in the highest schools.

The stars are another thing to consider when dealing with luxury hotels. The star system is extremely important when choosing a hotel as it will let you know what you are on the market for. This is how you can judge how the level or service should be, how the device should look, and finally how your overall stay will feel. Honestly, if you want luxury, you need to find a five star hotel.

As you probably already can guess if you are staying at a hotel that is only two stars, it will not be a luxury hotel – five stars mean luxury but there are many many different four star hotels It's beautiful and there are up there on the luxury scale. But you should keep your goal at the five star hotels, as you know that you get the best of it all.

Amenities are by far the best things about luxury hotels. Typically, five-star hotels have everything from spas all the way to some beautiful pools and lovely hot tubs. These are all the things you really need to think about when you are dealing with luxury hotels.

There should also be a lot of different facilities at the hotels, it should not be limited to just a spa or just a salon; they should also have high class restaurants and even a business center to catch your emails.

By far the most important thing that you should consider in the way of hotels that are considered luxury will be attention to detail. This includes all facilities, the staff and ultimately the entire appearance of the hotel. Whether inside or outside, attention to detail should be perfect, that's what you should expect when in a luxury hotel.

It's quite obvious that everyone's tastes should be different, whether you're looking for a modern hotel or you're looking for a historic hotel, luxury hotels should definitely suit your taste.

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Guide to cheap Las Vegas hotels

Las Vegas is probably in the most famous US cities in the world. Being famous for its entertainment, casino resorts, games and shopping opportunities, Las Vegas attracts millions of visitors each year. Of course there are many hotels in Las Vegas.

The most famous Las Vegas hotels and casinos are located on the Las Vegas Strip, also known as the Las Vegas Boulevard. Some of the most famous hotels in the Las Vegas Strip are Trump Hotel Las Vegas, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay, Wynn, Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, etc. The north end of the strip is Stratosphere Hotel Resorts and Southern is McCarren International Airport. Not long ago, hotels began to offer the whole family entertainment, which increased the number of visitors families.

Another very popular street in Vegas is Fremont Street, located in downtown Las Vegas and one of the city's oldest streets. In fact, the first casinos were opened there and the first phone with number 1 was installed there. Fremont Street is also featured in many movies. Many famous Las Vegas hotels and casinos are located on this street like Fremont Hotel and Casino, Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, Binion's Horseshoe, Golden Nugget, Eldorado Club, Pioneer Club, Mint, etc. You can see amazing slideshows there. At the start of each show, the neon lights are switched off, including the hotels and casinos.

Cheap hotels in Las Vegas can also be found if you are looking for one. There are many hotels that offer discounts online as well as very good prices if you book earlier. Rabat Las Vegas hotels (three and four stars) offer prices ranging from $ 30 to about $ 90 per night. For example, you can find a bed at the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino for $ 35 and $ 36 at Excalibur Hotel Casino. There are offers of Stratosphere Tower and Casino Resort Hotel for $ 44 per night, $ 79 of Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, $ 80 of MGM Grand Hotel and Casino etc.

It's virtually impossible not to visit at least one of The famous casinos in Vegas, as they are everywhere. In addition, deep in all believe that he / she can win the pot and everyone has a chance to become incredibly rich and famous. Most casinos offer games like Baccarat, various poker games like Texas Hold'em, Omaha, etc., Black Jack and of course the famous Roulette. Most of them also offer different slot machines. The glamorous Las Vegas hotels and casinos, the incredible shopping malls and entertainment still attract millions of people as they provide an unforgettable experience.

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A quick guide to Singapore Hotels

Tourists and business travelers visit the amazing city Singapore will have a number of places to choose from when it comes to lodging. The city is full of exciting things to do and places to see and it also has different hotels designed to suit any budgets. Here are some of the most popular hotels in the center of Singapore.

Business travelers will enjoy business facilities and prime location at Orchard Grand Hotel. Orchard Grand is located in the central business district, which gives guests access to local shopping and entertainment. Somerset MRT Train Station is 5 minutes from the hotel. Orchard Grand also has Crystal Café, which serves Asian cuisine, a fully equipped gym and an outdoor swimming pool with a garden terrace.

Oxford Hotel is located in the heart of Singapore close to all the tourist attractions that the city has to offer. Nearby are the National Museum, Central Business District, Art Museum, Bugis Street and Raffles City. Oxford offers a family-friendly and business environment. The hotel has a restaurant, concierge and a beauty salon.

To use conscious travelers, Happy Hotel, which offers a good location and reasonably priced rooms. All rooms are reasonably sized, simple and clean. The hotel is just 15 minutes from Orchard Road and the Central Business District. Public transport is available. Happy Hotel offers air-conditioning, color TV and high-speed wireless broadband internet.

Visitors looking for a hotel full of nostalgia will enjoy the older boutique-style-link hotel. The hotel offers a mix of historical themes and modern conveniences. Guests can choose from four different ethnic themes for their rooms. This family-friendly and business hotel is located near Chinatown, Orchard Road and the Central Business District. The hotel also has a cafe lounge, a restaurant and a business center with secretarial services.

Cape Inn offers visitors an affordable place to stay in Singapore with comfortable facilities and clean, simple rooms. Tourists will enjoy the close location where public transport and walking distance can get you around the city. Guest assistance is high and the hotel offers massage, a restaurant and airport shuttle.

Visitors to Singapore looking for luxury accommodation will like Cityhub Hotel. Cityhub offers 127 modern designed rooms complete with facilities. Offering high-speed wireless internet, the hotel is close to Little India, Shopping Paradise, Mustafa Center and Farrer Park, all of which can be reached by public transport.

New Majestic Hotel offers a variety of themed rooms in the heart of Chinatown. The hotel has 30 individually designed rooms, each with a mix of designer and city furniture and modern entertainment systems. A fitness center, restaurant and bar and high-speed internet are all available at the New Majestic.

Singapore has hundreds of places to visit where tourists can enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment along with taking part of the local culture. The city also offers plenty of accommodation.

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Hotels in Bhubaneswar with swimming pool

Bhubaneswar is a prosperous and fast-growing city on the eastern coast of India, also known for its great legacy. Bhubaneswar is also abundant in luxury hotels that have all the necessary amenities and also provide a large number of additional facilities like swimming pool. Read on to know more about the city and also check out some good hotels in Bhubaneswar with a swimming pool.

The beautifully maintained city of Bhubaneswar serves as the state capital of Odisha. It is best known as the temple of its countless temples that reflect the city's rich cultural heritage. Bhubaneswar was one of the former fully planned cities in India, and its broad and well-run roads bear testimony of its continued prosperity as a business trip. It is the largest and most popular city of Odisha and is very well connected with the rest of the country on roads and railways. The domestic airport connects it with the four metropolitan areas and many important cities in India. Bhubaneswar is also known as a popular tourist destination and combined with Puri and Konark creates the golden triangle Odisha Tourism. The main attractions in Bhubaneswar are its many sentences, which according to legends are said to have numbered over five thousand. Some of the major courts in Bhubaneswar are Lingaraj Temple, Mukteshwara Temple, Rajarani Temple and Kouri Gouri Temple, etc. Most of these times are of ancient origin built around the 1100s by the rulers of the kingdom. Some of the other important tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar are Khandagiri and Udaigiri Caves, Sanchi Stupa at Dhauli, State Museum, etc.

Bhubaneswar is a wealthy capital and has many luxury options to live. Most of the luxury hotels in Bhubaneswar have all the most important facilities at their disposal, and they also provide many luxurious amenities such as several kitchen restaurants and most important swimming pools. No luxury hotel is complete without a nice swimming pool for guests to lounge or a quick dip in a hot afternoon. You can easily find many good hotels in Bhubaneswar with swimming pools such as Empires hotel or Swosti Premium etc. Check out these luxurious Bhubaneswar hotels for a comfortable stay.

Luxury Hotels in Bhubaneswar with Pool

Hotel Empires is one of the finest luxury hotels in Bhubaneswar and is located in a busy business district. A highly recommended property, it is among the leaders of the hospitality industry in Bhubaneswar. The hotel offers a nice multi-cuisine restaurant / bar and a rooftop swimming pool. The rooms cost Rs.6000.

Hotel Swosti Premium is one of the luxury hotels in Bhubaneswar with swimming pool. The hotel is also known for its elegance and the large number of facilities that provide a very comfortable and luxurious stay. The hotel has a nice restaurant / bar, coffee shop and a swimming pool and jacuzzi. Prices start from Rs.4500.

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Book hotels wisely to avoid wasting money

Travel can be a lot of fun if you have the time and money to try it. There is a need to reserve flights and hotels in advance to ensure that you do not get stranded in a foreign country. It is also necessary to read about the country you want to visit soon before you do. There are many travel sites that write about global tourist destinations, restaurants, seaside resorts, car rental companies and other things. They help travelers get an idea of ​​what they want to see and do in the countries they plan to visit. Information about hotels is extremely important.

Hotels have classes and five-star choices are the most expensive. If you are not careful, you can exceed the logs and come home again feeling bread. If you want your holiday to last for a number of days, look for a tourist lodge that is centrally located to avoid changing hotel rooms throughout your trip. It would be too expensive to book a hotel every other or three nights in the same area. If you take the time to investigate the area you mean to visit, you will find one or more lodgings located in the middle of all the trips you need to do.

These accommodation facilities will be available on land transport and will most likely offer everything you can find in other cabins in the same area. It would be wiser to book their rooms for all the nights you want to spend in the region. As a result of choosing to stay in a hotel for a couple of consecutive nights, you can get an overnight free or a discounted discount. If you just want to travel for fun rather than attending a wedding, an annual festival or a business conference, you can wait until the hotel prices have gone down.

Off-season travel tends to come together with major discounts on air travel and hotel accommodation. Nevertheless, it is good to realize that some hotels do not base their rates on changing seasons. There are rooms that remain demanded throughout the year. You can also choose to travel for the duration between the high season and the low season. The company received by lodges is not too high or too low and therefore their rates are moderate. There are online travel auction sites that allow people to place their hotel room bids in zones in certain markets. Winning a cheap hotel offer on these sites is purely by chance.

Interested bidders may be asked to provide hotel booking and facilities. However, they may be asked to first accept a hotel agreement without knowing what it is. There are other sites that offer travel auctions games and if you win a winner you get a discount of up to fifty five percent. The Internet has many other ways to help you save money on hotel stays. If you want to try to bid, it's up to you to decide. It is also possible to hire a travel company based in the country you wish to visit and let it decide where you want to stay. This will not be cheap, but it will be safer.

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Everything you've ever wanted to know about boutique hotels

The lodging industry is one of the oldest companies in this world. It has existed since people began to travel from one place to another for trade and other purposes. What began as the needs of the hours (rest and shelter during long journeys) soon became an industry that offered comfort, convenience and even luxury to their boarders. For example, the Greeks built thermal baths that allowed their guests to rest and recover. Romans constructed palace palaces for travelers, while Caravanserais along the famous Silkevej from Turkey to China offered shelter not only for men but also their animals.

In the 21st century, hotels have been developed into a thriving business that has become an inseparable part of the travel industry. Styles range from flamboyant properties to bare-legged hostels and all-inclusive honeymoon resorts to cozy country inns.

However, as competition grew and hotels began to offer standard services across the chain, there was a need for some new thinking in the market. People who were tired of impersonal services began to move towards smaller hotels that offered personal attention and unique experiences.

And thus was born the lover of the hospitality industry – boutique hotels. Today they are the most sought after accommodation option for leisure travelers and the ultimate name in exclusivity. More and more people choose to stay in boutique hotels because they are almost always guaranteed to be good and get great value for their money

Given the popularity they enjoy, it is worthwhile to take a peek into the fascinating history of boutique hotels and track their evolution over time.

History of boutique hotels

The earliest boutique hotels emerged in the early 1980s, the first being The Blakes Hotel in South Kensington, London, and Bedford in Union Square, San Francisco. The term & # 39; boutique hotel & # 39; seemed much later in 1984, prepared by Steve Rubell. He compared his own company, Morgans Hotel, into a small shop, which of course wanted to emphasize its exclusivity and distinguish it from other hotels that looked up everywhere, like the monolithic department stores.

This is not to say that boutique hotels are a modern invention. There are a lot of documented instances of similar dating experiences from the 13th century, where there were places of establishment for travelers in Mongolia and China.

Here are a few examples of boutique hotels that were outstanding popular back in the days:

  • In 1705, César Ritz opened a boutique hotel at Place Vendôme, which gave him a great praise from King Edward VII, who called him "19459008" "King of hotel guests and hoteliers for kings" .
  • In 1822, the Venetian artist Giuseppe Rubino transformed an old palace into a beautiful hotel and called it "il Rubino".
  • In 1880, the Sagamore Hotel on Lake George in the state of New York became the first to supply electricity in each of its rooms,
  • Edouard Niiermans, known as the architect of palaces, transformed Emperor Napoléon III cottage – Villa "Eugenie "to a beautiful and niche hotel.
  • In 1919, Barcelona opened a stylish hotel equipped with hot and cold water in its bathrooms.

As you can see, there have been many occasions in the history of the lodging industry as hotel guests used creativity and offered excellent service for future stay in the competition and offer something extraordinary to their visitors.

21st Century Store Hotel – Characteristics That Separate

Today, the term "boutique hotel" is the "boutique hotel" used to describe small businesses with about 150 rooms. They are privately owned or part of a small group of hotels and are best known for iconic, memorable and sometimes eccentric design themes. The concept of boutique hotels became a trend for hotel guests Ian Schrager and French designer Philippe Starck used unique designs to build their hotels. And now it has become an independent flourishing industry, complete with unique features and qualities.

Here we look at some of the more important ones.

Size means material

Boutique hotels are generally considered small but they are not in the same category as bed and breakfast hotels or homestays that have less than 10 rooms. Boutique hotels can accommodate up to 150 rooms, which makes it seem less when comparing it to most chain hotels.

However, this intimate scale helps to create a homely atmosphere with peace and privacy. These cozy features often have a common living area where guests can sit and interact with each other.

Personality Speaks Volumes

Since boutique hotels are independently owned and not affiliated with any major chains, they are a brand in itself. They have a distinctive mood for those who put them apart from the others. It is their unique personality and lack of cookie cutter solutions that guests find refreshing, drawing more and more people towards boutique hotels.

Desire Design

Boutique hotels are known for their exciting interior, often created by leading designers and architects. In general, these niche hotels tend to maintain an exclusive look that combines historic elegance with smart details. The decor produces a progressive forward style and the overall design can vary from contemporary and quaint to home-like and artistic. Each room is individually decorated, complete with exclusive facilities and exclusive linens.

It's all in charm

You know how to go into a big hotel, but nothing really spectacular or interesting runs out on you? Boutique hotels do not want any of it and the first thing that addresses your attention is their eccentric personality. They are funky, trendy and offbeat. For example, Hotel Monaco in Washington DC will bring a goldfish in a bowl to your room if you do not have your own pets.

Lovely Location

While there is & # 39; T hard and fast rules about where a boutique hotel should be, it's no coincidence that the best of them have a great location for them. When designing boutique hotels, most hotel guests choose the hippest and most visited places to put them in. You can even find them in high-end neighborhoods, removed from stress and me, but still close to the city's sights and highlights. Yet another popular choice for boutique hotels would be in areas remote from the city in the lap of nature and surrounded by lush greenery.

Superb Service

One of the most distinctive features of boutique hotels is the very personal and exclusive services they extend to their guests. The staff is polite and friendly and will probably know your name from day one. The hotel offers tailor-made luxury facilities, such as an extensive pillow menu, special toiletries and a host of relaxing spa services. A sumptuous spread of food and drink menu is also a signature part of a boutique hotel.

Delectable Dining Options

Another feature that makes boutique hotels separate from other hotels is their main focus on creating exceptional restaurants and bars that are brave and trendy. These hotels make a good reputation for themselves, which is independent of the conventional star ratings. Thanks to their appeal they are able to draw the crowds not only locally but also globally.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why boutique hotels are rapidly becoming popular among travelers who require more than comfort and convenience from their stay options. They want to be surprised they will experience something new, something completely different from what the best hotels offer. In fact, these days, if you do not live in a boutique hotel, are considered outdated.

I do not mean in any way that hotels are boring or uninspiring. There are excellent hotels around the world that offer out-of-the-world service to their guests. But boutique hotels break the traditional mold and refuse to be framed in with regular standards. Provides visitors with style, distinction, intimacy and warmth, leaving guests with an experience they can preserve forever. And is not it what hotels need to be done in the first place?

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Popular hotels in Melbourne

The city of Melbourne, Australia is a popular tourist destination for many travelers. Different people, local residents and international guests visit the city for many different reasons. Of course, wherever you go, housing plans are crucial to your stay. In Melbourne there are cheap hotels that cost around $ 80 per person. Night bucks for luxury hotels that charge $ 160 per night. Night.

Here are some of the most acclaimed hotels in Melbourne:

  • Grand Mercure Flinders Lane – This 4-star hotel in Flinders Lane has 57 rooms and is the perfect choice for honeymooners. This boutique hotel offers a price between $ 153-164 for accommodation for its luxury suites and tailor made services. 10 percent VAT is included in the taxes. This hotel offers air conditioning, satellite television, bathtub, shower, hair dryer, in room safe, television, hair dryer, in room safe. It also provides engaging activities such as a fitness room, indoor pool, games room, disco and tennis. Additional services include babysitting / childcare, high-speed Internet access, dry cleaning / laundry services, and a safe deposit box at the front desk. Grand Mercure does not welcome pets within its promises. However, the hotel does not offer meals.
  • Alto Hotel On Bourke – Another 4-star hotel located in the center of Melbourne's central business district. This hotel offers a range of rates ranging from $ 94 to $ 154 including 10 percent tax and recommended to Older Travelers. The hotel's first class location makes this hotel accessible to the city's main attractions and entertainment venues. As one of Melbourne's new and green hotels, Alto has received awards for recognition of the environment and hospitality. This 50-room hotel includes the following amenities: Wheelchair accessible and disabled access, various electronic door locks, TV with cable service, free parking, safe and air conditioning. Activities at this hotel include swimming, golf course, massage and library. Among its offered additional services are laundry and internet services. No pets allowed in the Alto Hotel. Continental, full English and American breakfast can be used for certain charges per day. Person.
  • Mantra on Russell – This 4-star hotel has facilities where pets are allowed. Recommended for any young single, this hotel charges from $ 125 to $ 171, with 10 percent VAT included. Mantra at Russell has a prime location in an area close to all of Melbourne attractions, shops, popular eateries, cafes, theaters and other entertainment facilities. Its 221 rooms are designed as apartments with fully furnished kitchen and laundry facilities. Most of the rooms have a balcony where guests can relax and watch the view of Metropolitan Melbourne. While the hotel's general facilities include restaurant, heating, electronic door lock, safe, cable TV, in-room movies and homosexual accommodation. There are also activities to take part in such as swimming pool, tennis court, sauna, fitness center, jacuzzi and golf course. In addition, there are also other services offered as currency exchange, car rental, doctor on call, babysitting and concierge. Wireless internet connection is available at an additional cost. Pets are not allowed at this hotel. A continental and buffet breakfast are served at the hotel on a per- Person charge.

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Best luxury hotels in Asia

Although long-haul flights are higher than before, a trip to Asia remains great value. Top luxury hotels in Asia are generally much cheaper than in London or New York, and the service is always amazing. Cheap dining and trade deals for everything from designer clothes to electronics can make a trip to the Far East not only pleasant, but it also gives good financial sense.

Here are only three cities to make your appetite for foreign travel and three luxury hotels in Asia you will talk about in the coming years!

Dubai is about sun, sand and shopping. It has excellent luxury hotels and resorts right on the beach with first class facilities and guaranteed sunshine all year round. Take a 4WD wadi trip to see the "real" Dubai or visit some of the cultural attractions in the city. The major Dubai Mall, the largest shopping and entertainment center in the world, is a great place to cool off in the air-conditioned shops.

Luxury Hotels in Dubai
For those who enjoy the world's best, do not miss a stay at one of the world's tallest hotels. The iconic Burj al Arab is now the third highest hotel building in the world. This amazing structure, designed in the form of a big sail, is consistently located on the Condé Nast Gold List, and while expensive, a chance to stay at this top luxury hotel in Dubai is one of life's amazing moments.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the most popular travel destinations for travelers and blends a taste of China with strong British influence. Cross the harbor on Star Ferry and drive the train station to Victoria Peak for a great view of Kowloon. Browse the night markets that run up the streets with great designer knock-offs, take a harbor cruise or go to the races while you're here.

Luxury Hotels in Hong Kong
Intercontinental is one of the best located luxury hotels in Hong Kong and enjoys stunning sea views from its location on the Kowloon waterfront. It is a short walk from the Star Ferry terminal, in the middle of high class shops. It has the latest technology and is far ahead of most European hotels with its Insider Concierge and Global Connector services.

This compact city state is now another place in the world. It offers a wide range of activities on the waterfront as well as great shopping on Orchard Road and in colorful Chinatown. A trip to the Night Safari Zoo is highly recommended to see the nightly animals feed after dark. Climb the nature reserve Bukit Timah for a great view and visit one of the beautiful orchard gardens to pick up a box of freshly-ground flowers as a great souvenir.

Luxury Hotels in Singapore
In Singapore, the historic Raffles Hotel rises to its reputation as one of the major luxury hotels in the world. Even if you do not stay here, you have to take afternoon tea, but gentlemen need a jacket and tie. The sumptuous lobby, courtyard gardens and beautifully restored suites give a lasting impression.

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Cheap Hotels in Philadelphia

Is Philadelphia visiting a budget? Do not worry; You get spoiled by the available choices. As a tourist city, there are plenty of hotels both within the historic district and in the surrounding areas. Every hotel is devoted to customers and offers abound. All you have to do is search for the best deal in the kind of hotel you want.

Many hotels offer free pickup and departure to and from the airport. Free internet access has also become very common in most hotels, especially those seeking business travelers. Frequent travelers can also be sure to get discounts, and many hotels offer longer-term visit concessions. Some hotels offer good business facilities including fully equipped kitchens with microwaves and full-size refrigerators. Book online and make use of concessions only available to those who book via the internet.

Take, for example. Philadelphia Airport Microtel Inn & Suites. As part of the Microtel Group, this hotel has been classified as "highest in guest satisfaction among economy / budget hotel chains" for three consecutive years.

The Holiday Inn Express Philadelphia Midtown Hotel is another hotel that has been rated for quality. With 85% non-smoking rooms, it offers free continental breakfast and free local phone calls to all guests and is a boon for discount seekers.

Other hotels from the Holiday Inn Group include the Holiday Inn Hotel Philadelphia-Historic District, offering great deals on longer stays and packages; and Holiday Inn Philadelphia City Ave., located in a suburban setting minutes from the city center. This offers additional amenities such as free parking and free local calls. The eleven-story Holiday Inn Hotel "Philadelphia Stadium" offers oversized beds and non-smoking and disabled rooms. Holiday Inn Philadelphia Northeast is located at the foot of Bucks County, near Sesame Place Theme Park, and is ideal for families.

Other hotels that offer good rates include Comfort Inn Downtown / Historic Area "Philadelphia, Embassy Suites Hotel Philadelphia" City Center, located next to Logan Square, the Hampton Inn Philadelphia City Center and the Rodeway Inn.

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Hotels in Chennai near the train station

Chennai is one of the largest metropolises in India and is also the capital of Tamil Nadu. Read on to find out more about the city and also check out some quality hotels in Chennai.

Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is the largest city in Tamil Nadu, also serving as the administrative capital. The former place in Fort St. Louis George, Chennai was one of the first cities that came under the British, which then built it to a large extent. You will find many colonial structures and buildings that talk about their influence, and one of the best examples is Chennai Corporation Building and Fort. George. Chennai is also an important cultural center in South India and is said to be the birthplace of Bharatanatyam dance form and Carnatic music. The city is known for its unique culture, which should be personally tested as the famous filter kaapi (coffee), the authentic Tamil cuisine and the many festivals held annually.

Chennai is well connected to the rest of the country by roads, railways and airways. The city even has its own international airport – Chennai International Airport. The city has two train stations actually Chennai Central Station, connecting the cities outside of Tamil Nadu, while the Egmore station interceptably connects most. Chennai Central is located on the GH road near the Nehru Stadium, while the Egmore railway station is more centrally located near the Ponamalle High Road. You can find many quality hotels that provide all the essential amenities. Staying at the Chennai hotels near the train station provides easy access and also drastically reduces transportation costs. You do not pay for private cabs to travel to and from your hotel and you can also save time as you do not have to travel much if you stay in Chennai hotels. Below are some quality hotels that you can check out.

Hotels in Chennai near Railway Station

Hotel Pandian is located in Chennai making it one of the best hotels to stay in. It is one of the highly recommended hotels in Chennai and has received nearly 77% customer recommendation, which means that 8 out of 10 people would like to visit again. The hotel has been praised for its location and its facilities. It offers well-appointed rooms equipped with all the most important facilities. It also offers a fine multi cuisine restaurant, bar and 24-hour room service. The rooms cost Rs.1400.

The Hotel Raj Residency is a 2-Stars hotel in Chennai. The hotel is only 1 km from Chennai Central Station. It is one of the popular hotels in Chennai and has been highly recommended for its location, amenities and service. It offers well-appointed and fully air-conditioned rooms equipped with all the most important facilities. It also offers a clean veg restaurant, free parking, a safe and a travel desk. The rooms cost Rs.1100.

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