7 strange hotels around the world

Have you ever wanted to stay in a hotel that is a little … good … different? There are a few hotels around the world that give guests a unique experience so if you're sad to live in your typical hotel and want to stay somewhere different, consider trying one of these strange hotels around the world.

Jumbo Hostel, Sweden
Spend the night in a real jumbo jet at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. But you do not get into a small flight seat. Instead, you can stay in a choice of private rooms and sofa bed options with private bathroom and a bar and restaurant on board. The most luxurious room in Jumbo Hostel is the exclusive Cockpit Room, which occupies the entire top deck.

Das Park Hotel, Austria
Das Park Hotel is located in Ottensheim and has unique rooms made of large concrete drainage pipes. They are definitely cozy but have everything you need including double bed, windows, storage space and electricity.

Capsule Hotels, Japan
A very popular property in Japan are the capsule hotels … that's right … there's not just one. These budget-friendly rooms are exactly as they sound – they are a little bigger than a chest and stacked on top of the other. Consider it as a fully closed bunk bed with equal space to sleep.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey
Situated in the beautiful Cappadocia region of Turkey, Gamirasu Cave Hotel is actually an old Byzantine monastery tree converted to a hotel. As a guest, you will be treated to the unique opportunity to stay in a hole transformed into a hotel room.

Hobbit Motel, New Zealand
Since New Zealand is the place where the Lord of the Rings and the upcoming Hobbit films were filmed, it is sensible that they have the very first Hobbit Motel. Located in Waitomo, Hobbit Motel offers self-contained rooms with kitchens and private bathrooms, and they are all built as small hobbies.

Hôtel de Glace, Canada
Hôtel de Glace is located in Quebec and is built exclusively in ice that is to be built every winter. Of course you can not stay here all year round, but in winter you can stay in this temporary ice-cream where your bed and furniture are made of ice.

Poseidon Undersea Resort
Located on a private island in Fiji, Poseidon Undersea Resort is the world's first waterfront hotel. This luxury resort is only for those with a lot of money to spend, but for your money you get luxury rooms, which are located under the ocean, with large glass windows that look like Fiji-coral tropical waters.

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Find hotels that are home away from home

Marvin Gaye once sang: "Where I lay my hat, it's my home". Now it's easy enough for anyone to put their hat (or luggage) around the world today, but you find it to put your hat on a hotel that gives all the comforts and comforts of home a much more enjoyable experience.

What makes the hotel a home?

Although hotels, even the most advanced hotels, can not offer you your own pipes and slippers, you can be surprised at how cozy even most generic chain hotels can be. Forget the tube, but fluffed drawsticks and matching slippers may not be out of the question.

Here are a few of the things to look for before booking a hotel in an unknown destination.

  • Location – When you buy a property, the first priority is inevitable location, location, location. Even if you do not buy your hotel room or apartment, it is still a consideration for your new hotel home. "Being close to all the facilities and attractions you want can save you a lot of time and money as well as being convenient By choosing hotels in the center you can even find out that everything you want to see and do is within walking distance. This avoids the expense and inconvenience of using taxis, public transport or rental cars. In most modern hotels, double glazing, insulation and soundproofing that the noise of the city does not interfere with your sleep.
  • Price – The beauty of booking your hotel online is to find great hotel deals quickly and easily and be able to compare prices for accommodation in a similar style. After all, there is no point in blowing your budget at your hotel if you can not afford to leave it.
  • Recommendations – Check the online community to see which hotels d e evaluate positively before ordering. If there are enough friends to & # 39; liked it and felt at home there, the chances are that you will too.
  • Hotel Services & Facilities – These can really make the difference between which hotels feel like home and those who do not:
  • Friendly staff – Inviting staff can make the difference with how you feel about a hotel as soon as you step in. If you experience a special warm or frost welcome, why not write a review about it, so you can give other people heads-up or heads-down. Check if the front desk is manned 24/7 – great for safety as well as convenience.
  • Catering – Any decent hotel room should offer you at least one basic tea or coffee making facility, as nothing says at home like having a decent brew whenever you want it. However, many hotels will also offer apartments or studios with kitchenettes, which you can use to cook almost everything from Sunday to a cooked breakfast. If you do not cook at home and do not want to start when you are away from home, check if your hotel has a restaurant on site and what opening hours it has.
  • Internet – If you need to log on to the internet, make sure that your hotel provides high-speed internet access from the rooms or can provide computers and access to its guests (preferably in a comfortable lounge).
  • Laundry – If the dirty laundry starts to pick up, it can be very depressing. Stay on top of your travel vacation or business wardrobe by ensuring your hotel offers laundry and ironing.
  • Fitness – If you are for a while, look for a hotel that suits both body and soul. The best hotels offer guests free use of on-site gyms, gyms or swimming pools.
  • Room service – To make it easy, make sure your hotel offers a room service that can deliver food and drink to your door. To make your reservation at the hotel, please check in to make a reservation.

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5 best hotels in Killarney, Ireland

Killarney, located in southwest Ireland, is a busy city in County Kerry. Popular attractions in Killarney include the historic St. Louis Mary's Cathedral, the beautiful Torc Waterfall and the scenic Ross Castle. In addition to offering many popular attractions, Killarney also has many nice hotels. From Killarney Park Hotel to Ross Hotel there are many good accommodations in Killarney, Ireland to choose from.

Killarney Park Hotel – If you are looking to stay in a hotel right in the heart of Killarney, look no further than the Killarney Park Hotel. It has scenic, modern surroundings, a relaxing full-service spa, a gym and even a parkside restaurant and garden bar. Afternoon tea is served daily and free Irish breakfast is served each morning. Amiable staff and a lovely location make Killarney Park Hotel the best in Killarney, Ireland.

Loch Lein Country House – Few places in Killarney are as inviting or relaxing as Loch Lein Country House. Amenities include complimentary high-speed (wired) Internet access, complimentary parking, laundry facilities, premium bedding, and housekeeping. Bike rental is available on site and there is a playground, running track and a golf course within walking distance of the hotel. Scenic countryside views and helpful owners make Loch Lein Country House one of the best accommodations in Killarney, Ireland.

Earls Court House – If you are looking for a family-friendly hotel in Killarney, look no further than Earls Court House. This hotel is about a seven-minute walk from Central Killarney and boasts free Wi-Fi, free parking, in-room breakfast, dry cleaning, room service and modern rooms. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, a comfortable bed and cozy antiques. Local attractions include Killarney's golf courses, the Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry.

Killarney Royal – Very few hotels in Killarney are as luxurious as Killarney Royal. Killarney Royal is located in the center of town and offers many fine amenities. There is free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, in-room tea / coffee facilities, air conditioning and babysitting or childcare. Some amenities at Killarney Royal are offered. Local attractions include, but are not limited to, Killarney Cathedral, Ross Castle and Fitzgerald Stadium. If you want to pamper yourself with one of the best hotels in Killarney, consider staying at the world-renowned Killarney Royal.

The Ross Hotel – The funky yet sophisticated Ross Hotel is another of the best places to stay in Killarney. This family-run hotel is located in the center of Killarney and has approx. 29 rooms. Popular amenities include an in-room safe and refrigerator, on-site restaurant, bar and lounge, an attractive lobby fireplace and a coffee shop / café. If you prefer to stay in stylish, elegant hotels, Ross is just off your alley!

Although there are literally dozens of fine hotels based in Killarney, only a few may be labeled as the best. If you want to stay at one of Killarney's top hotels, book your stay in advance as these tend to fill up quickly.

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Future hotels instead of ultimate relaxation

If you are interested in visiting Cyprus for relaxation and comfort then you must check in to one of the future hotels. These hotels are intended for those who are interested in having an unforgettable and exciting stay while in Cyprus. Future hotels consist of three hotels, namely "Sentido Kouzalis Beach Hotel", "Pafian Park Holiday Village" and "Pafian Sun Holiday Village." Airport shuttle services can be arranged by the proportional hotel. The hotel chain is proud to offer ultimate relaxation to its various customers.

Sentido Kouzalkis Beach Hotel

This 182 room, newly renovated hotel is located in Prostaras on the east coast of the country. It is built on a small sandy beach / rocky beach in a quiet and secluded place away from hustle and bustle. There is a large pool and well-kept gardens that overlook the Mediterranean Sea. Being an adult only hotel makes this place appealing to singles and couples who want to enjoy themselves from the curious eyes of the child. The newly built Profit Elijah chapel, sitting on a small rock, has increased the attraction on this stretch of coast.

The rooms have well-coordinated and stylish furniture to offer a comfortable stay. Restaurants and bars provide different dishes and beverages to the hotel's diverse customers. Additional services are offered free of charge or at a very low price.

You can get help with your personal holiday events with Holiday Concierge. The extended breakfast allows you to enjoy your sleep, providing your breakfast as soon as you are awake and ready for the exciting day in advance. Sentido Daybreak is designed to make sure you start your day in a sporty, yet relaxed way. Sentido Cuisine is made of fresh, seasonal and regional delicacies. The Wi-Fi connection allows you to stay connected. You will also enjoy early check-in / late check-out comfort. This is however offered subject to availability.

Pafian Park Holiday Village

Located directly across Chloraka Beach, this hotel is set in a secluded location on Kings of the Kings Road. This location ensures easy access to the Pabhos Habour, located about 5 km away, as well as the beautiful Coral Bay Beach near the hotel. It combines outstanding service with many leisure activities. These activities are available for "in house" and short distance from the hotel.

The hotel has 144 well-appointed studios and one-bedroom apartments. All rooms are designed to offer inland, ocean or pool views. A wide range of leisure activities for children makes this hotel ideal for family trips.

Pafian Sun Holiday Village

This hotel boasts 223 newly remodeled and upgraded one-bedroom apartments and studios. The hotel is located above a luxurious sea view outside Paphos city center. It has a buffet restaurant, an a la carte restaurant and two bars. You can while away in the long indoor jacuzzi that is heated in the winter or choose the outdoor free form pool with a sun terrace, umbrellas or sun loungers.

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Things to keep in mind when booking hotels online

Booking hotels that use the internet are easier and more secure than ever. You can reserve your homes with confidence to know that your valuable information remains protected. However, there are some ways you can make the process even easier.

Same-day booking

If you are an instant kind of person and want to book a room and stay in the same day, you may find a good deal. Many hotels offer these types of customers, especially when many leave behind a big event. They want to fill their rooms as quickly as possible, so you can get a substantial discount.


You can see many websites containing reviews of hotels, but make sure that the feedback you read is legitimate. For example, look at sites that only allow people who have actually stayed at a particular place to write reviews. This will reduce the chances of reading reviews made by people who have a specific agenda. If the reviews you see on a site are overwhelmingly negative or positive, go somewhere else.


The closer your accommodation is, no matter what you appeal to, the more you pay. If you do not mind driving a little to get to the amusement park or beach you've dreamed of, you can save a lot of money.

Before you press the

button, there are a few things you want to confirm before pushing the "Book now" button. For example, see if the page will charge your credit card in advance or when you arrive. If the card is not charged, it will be easier for you to cancel a reservation if something gets up and you can not go on your journey. Try to find a place that does not charge a cancellation fee, if possible. You should not emphasize whether to cancel the room and you can save money because you can book well in advance of your trip.

You also want to know what's included in the price so you do not want any surprises when you check out. For example, local taxes are often not part of the online bill. Talk about checking out, make sure you know the policy for the place you stop so there will be no hassle.

Once you have booked your room, be sure to print the location card and take it with you. You need it when you get out of the plane, whether you are driving a car or taking a taxi. Also, remember to bring the credit card you used to reserve the room because you are asked to show it to the front desk clerk.

Always remember that if you have questions regarding reservation of hotels in hotels via the internet, you can always call the place you live. They will be happy to help. Your next vacation can only be a click away!

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Booking Salt Lake City Hotels For a perfect vacation

This city of 180,000 inhabitants is the largest in Utah. It is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The abundant winter snow, ski resorts are known all over the country. Salt Lake City is highly marked by the Mormon cultural environment and has many natural, historical and cultural attractions.

Not far from SLC is the famous Monument Valley, famous by Westerns; It has outstanding scenery that you should not miss. A sacred territory of the Navajo Indians contains many archeological sites on the spot. The oldest of them dates back to 1300 BC. Other important attractions in the geographical region are Great Salt Lake, Zion National Park or Arches National Park.

Sailing on SLC means you have to take care of your home in the city. You do not have to worry about it, as you find many hotels in SLC to suit your needs and budget.

Grand America Hotel is a magnificent 5-star hotel that has received the prestigious Triple A Five Diamond Award in 2009. It enjoys an outstanding location in the heart of one of the liveliest areas of SLC. The hotel offers impeccable service and offers a fantastic restaurant, a café and a beautiful spa with indoor and outdoor pools. This is the kind of hotel you would like to choose if you want your SLC vacation to be a luxury.

Little America Hotel is a four star hotel centrally located in the historic, cultural and vibrant city of Salt Lake. The hotel is just 10 minutes from the international airport and a few minutes drive from the major attractions of the region. Built in 1974, Little America offers impeccable service in a luxurious and old. The hotel has a restaurant, a fitness center, an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, a jacuzzi and gift shop.

The Red Lion Hotel is a three star hotel located near the business district and lively areas, just 8.5 km from the airport. Relax in a relaxation center with an outdoor heated pool, jacuzzi and fitness center. The Olympus restaurant cafe of the Red Lion Hotel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner for all guests.

Located in the heart of the city, Peery Hotel is a boutique hotel combining 100 years of modern comfort with the historic charm of Victorian building. At Peery Hotel you can find a concierge, fitness room, ski room, business center, room service, restaurant, bar, lounge and you want full broadband internet access. A very good plus at this hotel is airport transfers as well as parking services.

There are many more hotels in SLC that you can check and book online before your trip to Utah. Be sure to do a good research before booking to find the perfect hotel for you.

Salt Lake City, best known as the capital of Mormonism, is a city full of attractions. The mountainous landscape is wonderful and a holiday here can not be anything but beautiful. Nature gives guests the best opportunity to spend time outdoors and that's what makes Utah vacation perfect.

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A look into New York's Albany Hotels

New York is quite famous for its Albany hotels, found in almost all major parts of New York. There are many types of hotels in Albany where you can choose when visiting New York depending on your requirements.

Crowne Plaza hotel

Crowne Plaza is probably one of the best, if not "the best Albany hotel in New York. The biggest plus point for this hotel for any businessman visiting New York is that it is located close to the financial center of New York. It is also only a short walk from New York's law office. In addition, there are also a number of area colleges nearby.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is designed in a way that accommodates the needs of both family travelers and business people. The large Crowne Plaza hotel has more than 300 rooms, suites and deluxe clubhouses. The benefits of staying in a Crowne Plaza hotel include luxurious duvets, pillows with pillows, pillow-top mattresses and triple sheets. to make guests feel at home.

The Crowine Plaza Hotel is one of the many hotels in New York, offering their guests shuttle service to and from the train station and international air thavn. The Crowne Plaza Hotel also boasts a large business center that can handle your conventions, meetings, social gatherings and weddings – which means you can actually get guests to stay at the Crowne Plaza hotel while hosting an even there also.

Crowne Plaza offers its guests two dining options, including Webster's Corner and Kelsey's Irish Pub. The difference between the two is that Webster's Corner aims at serving more breakfast, and Kelsey's Irish Pub is great for relaxing while having your lunch or dinner.

Hampton Inn and Suites

When visiting Albany, New York, it's really hard not to notice the brightest building in the skyline, which is actually the Hampton Inn and Suites. Hampton Inn and Suites is considered to be among the best hotels in Albany. The staff at this hotel are well-trained, professional and are ready to accommodate all their visitors needs. The hotel has about 121 rooms, 8 whirlpools, 35 suites and a large executive suite consisting of two rooms. Suites at the Hampton Inn and Suites feature microwaves, refrigerators, etc. As part of the facilities offered.

The good thing about Hampton Inn and Suites is that you can enjoy the riverbank when staying at the Inn, which is only a few blocks away. Yono is a restaurant on site serving all three meals, ie. lunch lunch and dinner. The hotel also boasts a large sauna, steam room and solarium. You can also get hot tea and coffee served in the lobby 24/7

Clarion Hotel

The Clarion Hotel is a business-type hotel, probably more aimed at business people visiting New York. The hotel has meeting rooms, meeting rooms and banquet areas. There is also a ballroom that is ideal for couples visiting New York – another plus at this hotel is that it is pet friendly.

In addition to the above hotels, there are many other hotels in Albany, New York. But it is important that you first do some surveys to find the hotel that suits your needs and then book a room in advance. This ensures that you save both time and money when you visit Albany.

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Luxury hotels are the preferred choice for couples celebrating an anniversary

More and more couples choose a short stay in a boutique hotel as a way to celebrate their love and their lives together. A wedding anniversary or anniversary of a special date is a great opportunity for a loving couple to spend romantic time together and enjoy the luxuries that a first class hotel can give them.

Increasing number of couples choose to book their accommodation with the leading boutique hotels. For anniversaries, birthdays and special romantic festivals, couples choose the romantic get-away as the perfect way to mark a special occasion. And with such a large selection of beautiful luxury companies in every leading city in the world, there is never a lack of choice or availability.

Specialized booking services make it easy for couples to find the best deals and book a stay in the finest luxury hotels. Imagine a romantic trip to New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, London, Edinburgh or Barcelona. These beautiful, lively and exciting cities have so much to offer couples. And with the addition of luxury accommodation you can visit one of the world's leading cities made memorable and extra special.

A stay at a boutique hotel guarantees certain things. Couples are sure to be spoiled, spoiled and caring – to the highest standards. Luxury hotels offer the finest cuisine, one at a service, comfortable and beautifully decorated surroundings, state of the art technology, advanced products in all aspects of service, and of course privacy. And a personal touch that makes each couple feel as though they are at home. Romance requires time, space and privacy, and a luxury hotel will give couples as much privacy as they want.

High-end luxury hotels are also proud to have extremely high standards of service. The entire hotel team, from the manager right down to the maid, will all be professionally trained to provide instant, discreet and efficient service to every guest.

Couples who regularly stay in luxury hotels report that each guest is treated as a VIP. Nothing is a problem and no request is impossible. This level of luxury and service is of course not cheap, but such high quality should not cost the same as a backpackers' hostel!

However, some good deals are available for delay books and offers for short breaks in the leading cities. Couples can find very reasonable deals for two or three days stay in some of the world's most beautiful hotels. Look for a reputable booking service that specializes in boutique hotels and luxurious guesthouses. The best booking service will have a wide range of hotels to choose from in all major cities. And most services advertise special offers and offers on a daily basis, so it's always worth checking the website regularly.

If you are looking for the best deal on a wonderful romantic vacation in a luxurious boutique hotel, go to a high quality booking service and check out the offers they have available. There is no doubt that you will be able to source the perfect romantic get-away for you and your loved one to enjoy and remember for many years to come.

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Group Hotels – Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city of culture and history with magnificent architecture among its castles and buildings. It has a huge tourism industry with many events and festivals. Edinburgh hotels are almost always busy year-round, so you will need to book well in advance. When events are on eg. Edinburgh Tattoo or Edinburgh Festival, you must book a year in advance to guarantee accommodation. To make group bookings, you must find hotels that have 50 or more rooms to accommodate both your normal guests and your group. There are a selection of hotels that you might consider below. If you can not find any hotels in Edinburgh for your group, consider Glasgow, which is approx. 20 minutes by train. You will often be able to get better prices and more accessibility in Glasgow.

Edinburgh City Center
The Novotel Edinburgh Center is an AA-rated 4-star hotel in the center of Edinburgh. Perfect for a holiday in the Scottish capital, close to Edinburgh Castle and the lively Grassmarket Area, 10 min walk from Princes Street shopping and the Royal Mile. The famous Arthur's Seat is 15 min. Walk away and Edinburgh International Airport 15 min drive. Relax with friends or family and enjoy Elements Restaurant and Bar, 24 hour room service, indoor pool, sauna, steam room, fitness center and hot tub. However, the hotel has limited parking.

Mercure Point Hotel Edinburgh – The elegant, non-smoking, award-winning 3-star Mercure Point Hotel is the most stylish hotel in the heart of Edinburgh. Situated in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, the hotel is just minutes from the financial and shopping areas and the Edinburgh International Conference Center. The hotel offers easy access to all theaters, tourist facilities and the historic Old Town. The highly documented Point restaurant and Monboddo bar offer a casual and casual atmosphere with modern and classic dishes.

Novotel Edinburgh Park is a modern 4-star hotel located west of central Edinburgh. Perfect for business travel with WiFi internet and five meeting rooms, the hotel is located in Edinburgh Park, one of the leading business parks in Scotland. Easy to get from Edinburgh Airport, M8 and city railroad station with excellent public transport links to the city center. Guests can also enjoy our Elements Restaurant and Bar, indoor pool, gym and steam room. On-site parking for your convenience. This hotel is a bit outside the city center but would be great for groups because of its size of 170 rooms and its easy transport links to the city center.

Edinburgh Outskirts

The family-run Best Western Kings Manor Hotel is managed in Edinburgh's eastern suburbs. It offers one of the largest hotel-based leisure clubs in the city. A 20 meter pool, sauna, steam room, fitness center and beauty therapy are all part of this facility. Lauders Restaurant and Options Bistro offers a locally recognized cuisine. BarZest has a selection of beers, wines and spirits served in a lively atmosphere with a comfortable sun terrace.

The Best Western Kings Manor Hotel offers facilities for the local business market, especially with conferences and tourists looking for a convenient and comfortable base to visit the area and visit Edinburgh's many attractions.

Best Western Kings Manor Hotel regularly vows its local reputation for hospitality, good food and value for money. The hotel has 93 rooms and is a good hotel for a more luxurious group stay.

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Top Luxury Hotels – How To Spot The Best!

With the way the economy is right now, everyone is looking to save a small amount of money. This is the main reason why the top luxury hotels are losing more and more business, but when you really think of it – have you ever stayed at a luxury hotel? Not many people have in their lives and honestly if you do not have that, you should really look at this article as we will outline exactly what a luxury hotel is and what you need.

Service is by far one of the best things about luxury hotels, and it's about service when you stay on one. The service at the hotel will be the first priority for all employees as they know that you are staying in their hotel with expectations. For example, the Ritz Carlton is a hotel that knows everything about service. They maintain a very, very high level of service, and their employees are trained in the highest schools.

The stars are another thing to consider when dealing with luxury hotels. The star system is extremely important when choosing a hotel as it will let you know what you are on the market for. This is how you can judge how the level or service should be, how the device should look, and finally how your overall stay will feel. Honestly, if you want luxury, you need to find a five star hotel.

As you probably already can guess if you are staying at a hotel that is only two stars, it will not be a luxury hotel – five stars mean luxury but there are many many different four star hotels It's beautiful and there are up there on the luxury scale. But you should keep your goal at the five star hotels, as you know that you get the best of it all.

Amenities are by far the best things about luxury hotels. Typically, five-star hotels have everything from spas all the way to some beautiful pools and lovely hot tubs. These are all the things you really need to think about when you are dealing with luxury hotels.

There should also be a lot of different facilities at the hotels, it should not be limited to just a spa or just a salon; they should also have high class restaurants and even a business center to catch your emails.

By far the most important thing that you should consider in the way of hotels that are considered luxury will be attention to detail. This includes all facilities, the staff and ultimately the entire appearance of the hotel. Whether inside or outside, attention to detail should be perfect, that's what you should expect when in a luxury hotel.

It's quite obvious that everyone's tastes should be different, whether you're looking for a modern hotel or you're looking for a historic hotel, luxury hotels should definitely suit your taste.

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