Top 5 Dead Sea Hotels


Here are five of the very best Dead Sea hotels, at least according to, the top travel guide site with over 45 million traveler reviews. We tend to agree with their rankings, it must be said, although there is probably room for a top 10!

As you can see, the list does not need to contain the most luxurious hotels, but the most rated ones. Which is a great way to find a good hotel, right?

Top 5 rated Dead Sea hotels, from May 2011, are:

  1. Lot Spa Hotel
  2. Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel and Spa
  3. The Masada Hostel
  4. Royal Rimonim
  5. Spa Club Hotel

Lot Spa Hotel

This 4-star hotel is deservedly ranked number one of all Dead Sea hotels. The Lot Spa Hotel has its own beach strip, its own unique spa service and high quality for guests. It may look a bit aged from the outside, but what can we say, never judge a book by its cover.

Prices: Hunt around the web or for a good travel agency, you can accommodate about $ 170.

Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel and Spa

Et another 4 star hotel that has a private beach just a short walk across the road from the hotel. Most recommend the service very much (with the odd complaint) and it seems to be a good place for a relaxing, romantic getaway. Common feedback is "good food, nice rooms and very clean" plus good reviews at their spa.

Awards: Seems to start from $ 210 and can maximize at $ 400 +, but it's worth chasing around online for deals.

Masada Hostel

This is the place to rest your head if you intend to hike up to the top of Masada at sunrise. Easy to get to thanks to local bus routes, watch out for the school groups! Good food, although you have to pay extra for dinner. There is also a swimming pool (in season). Don't forget, this is a hostel, not a hotel …

Rates: Seems to be $ 35 + for a sofa bed and about $ 100 for a double room. Prices include a good, hearty breakfast.

Royal Rimonim

This place has probably been the most attractive of all hotels in the region and has apparently improved the service very recently and the guests seem very happy with good food, a spa and a great spacious rooms on offer. The staff seem to have taken complaints seriously in recent years and things are much better. There are 420 rooms, each with a private balcony.

Prices: Seems to be in the area $ 190- $ 300.

Spa Club Hotel

Surprisingly, this hotel has no balconies facing the sea, but it does more than that with beautiful spa facilities. Perhaps they assume that you will spend more time in the spa than your place! Children under the age of 16 are not allowed.

Prices: Slightly more expensive, with prices between $ 210- $ 370.