Four Seasons Resort – Best of Hawaii Hotels 1


Four Seasons Hotel is located on the lanai's picturesque coastline and offers luxurious and luxurious accommodation in every corner. It is recognized as one of the best. Every beach lover's dream is to spend a night in this paradise.

Formerly the Manele Bay Hotel, the Four Seasons Resort redefines quality service by offering only the best deals to customers. The rejuvenating atmosphere, gourmet cuisine, various facilities and promise of relaxation urges its visitors to come back. Sumptuous facilities and friendly staff are some of its competitive features. It is one of the rarest hotels that leaves distinct characters to visitors.

For Seasons Hotel sits on the island of Lanai, a secluded and pristine island that can be your private oasis. It is known for its spectacular ocean views and enchanting highland forest. Its shores are ringed with pearl white sand, red lava clips and crystal clear water. Thriving with culture and unique traditions, Lanai tells the story of a rich historical past preserved through many historic sites, ancient fishing villages and unique attractions. It was once the largest pineapple plantation in Hawaii. 90% of the island is privately owned and there are only 3,000 inhabitants in the area.

It is the most ideal place for honeymooners and couples who hate distractions. Far from the city, the hotel is surrounded by high mountains, lush vegetation and exotic flowers. No stoplights, high cars and large crowds. Just pure bliss and peace.

The hotel has 236 fully furnished rooms and 21 exclusive suites. Each of them shows the influence of East Asian style infused with tropical inspired colors and textures. The warm golden tones and wicker furniture evoke an exquisite feel. All rooms are open to a private lanai – a private balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Standard amenities include a rattan desk, dual-line voicemail phones, a 40-inch (101 centimeter) LCD TV and DVD player and high-speed internet access. King size bed is made of polished dark wood with handcuffed pineapple symbol (symbol of lanai) in the middle of 2 poster headboard.

As one of the best Hawaii hotels, boredom at Four Seasons is out of the scene. Apart from the hotel's indoor activities, you can explore nearby attractions and equally cozy neighborhoods. Start your trip with the Resort Art Collection, visit the nearby beach, hike and trek or visit Maui or Molokai for a day. Last but not least, the place offers a helicopter ride that gives you an amazing view of Lanai from high above! No wonder even the most discriminating travel enthusiasts love this island.