Hidden Haven, The Lazy U Motel

In Rapid City, SD, located at the bottom of Mt. Rushmore Road, lives a quaint little family-owned motel. The Lazy U, built in the 1950s, has a charm that draws guests back year after year. Recently celebrating their 70th birthday, the restored hotel is as fresh as the opening day.

Verlyn and Cindy Bourne have owned and maintained the motel for the past fifteen years. One of the last mom & pop in the Black Hills, The Lazy U is a real gem. They have given the little motel a charm that is rare in today's busy world. Parked out front, a 1954 Chevy Truck greets you, complete with The Lazy U logo. Cindy's grandfather owned the truck completely new and she learned to drive it. You can find Cindy take it out to the farmers market or a trip to the grocery store. Restored from a former farm to The Lazy U Mascot, Bourne is always happy to use it for photo backgrounds.

Transported back in time by entering the lobby. You will find reasonable prices and friendly faces. A personal greeting awaits you by the family itself – Cindy, Verlyn or Cindy's cousin, Jackie. Travelers can enjoy a cool drink and lively conversation and lots of maps and brochures. After check-in, receive a real key with a throwback light-turquoise key fob. Bourne and their family members are happy to make your stay a pleasant stay.

You will feel at home and part of the family. Enjoy shiny rooms, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and in-room parking. Verlyn, Routemaster, or one of his understudies will be happy to map out your day trips. Hike, cycle or visit the many beautiful places and attractions of The Black Hills. Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse only the start of your Black Hills adventure. After a long day of adventure, come home to a cool, clean room.

Enjoy the most comfortable night's sleep you can expect from home. Beds, recently and often replaced by brand new pillow top sets, will leave you wanting to sleep in. Sharp clean linens and soft towels will help you feel pampered. Hair dryers are available at the front office, but you must bring your own shampoo. The family goes for expensive low-cost toiletries.

This little gem of the past wants you to plan your next visit before check out. You will lead home well rested and full of good memories. When you leave, you will understand why people return year after year to the charming Lazy U Motel.