How To Find Cheap New York City Hotels


In my many months of travel there is a certain thing I have noticed. Many people usually offer good deals even before trying to get one. Bartering as an art seems to be lost on most people who are the art of comparing-shopping. Every cent that you save while on vacation or traveling when you buy food, accommodation and transportation is an extra cent that you will spend on adventure and entertainment.

In the amazing city of New York there is much you can do when you go about your business here, and a vacation in this city is like an Alice adventure in a wonderland. This city has so much to offer that it is difficult to know where to start from. One of the things I would highly recommend is to save some money before landing in New York. You can do this by taking time each evening to reflect and take notes on who you have had the opportunity to talk to and what they offered to you in terms of price and benefit for housing.

Due to the high competition, many New York hotels are willing to offer their customers services so that they can sleep in their hotels. The managers of these hotels are aggressive in selling the properties that control as they know the more rooms they fill, the more money they will make for the hotels, resulting in safe jobs for themselves. If you are aggressive enough and make notes on the hotels you have had the opportunity to visit and make provisional arrangements, you will most likely find an appointment with one of those who is better than what they originally offered you.

This method may not work if you try to secure an appointment for a weekend that is popular for travel, so it is not a good idea to seek accommodation in New York if you are considering a popular holiday or an Extended weekend for your trip. Except that the rest of the weekends are open to grips unless there are some large or popular local events that will attract a large crowd to the local hotel industry.

Remember what I said at the beginning that many people usually offer good deals even before trying to get one? Not only can you get better deals by comparing competitive hotels in New York, but can also get free perks such as meals, tickets for shows, spa packages at the relative hotels and gift cards at the hotel gift shop. You'll be surprised at how long hotel managers will go to get business from you. The manager will be willing to risk doing business with you on the assumption that he will make "losses" in additions and other purchases.

Remember to be a generous guess, as some New York hotel managers may get angry and confused to be scarce or cheap. Being cheap is one thing and being frugal to another. If you treat the staff badly, they will remember you long after you are gone! But let's not go there as it's another long story all of it. The trick is polite and cozy when you deal with hotel managers over the phone and go with your best deal.

Please remember that the best deal does not necessarily get the cheapest room. Look at it this way; If you get one or two meals a day while staying at the hotel, you only pay 5 or 10 dollars a day, so I think you get a very fair trade, especially if one of those meals is dinner.