Time to Ditch Hotel


So it's vacation time again. Woo hello !!!

The family has spent months discussing where to go, what kind of vacation they are

looking for and about to include Auntie Ethel in their plans again or not

The particularly unfortunate incident with the well-built waiter and what she believed

was a pepper mill!)

With Aunt Ethel quickly out of the picture and the whole clan had chosen one

Fun vacation, packed for the gunners with action, adventure and magic

can only be a destination … Florida.

Whatever you do, Florida has something for everyone, and nowhere else

than the Disney areas around Orlando and Kissimmee. These central Florida

Places are legendary, and despite being among the most popular in the world,

preserves an apparently intimate charm that creates lifelong memories for

those waiting there.

And so with the destination finished, your thoughts become hotels. But wait one

minute … nobody went to work in Florida last year and stayed in a luxurious

rent villa? Yes of course ! You remember to look at the beautiful inside shots of

the house, and they saw not so beautiful pictures of your work colleague's husband in

his Speedos! Remember, the private pool and the swaying palms looked


And your colleague does not care about the high standard of housing and

how much better and cheaper was it than living in a cramped and moldy hotel

room? Yes, again …. So what are you waiting for?

Because the fact is year by year, millions of vacationers from all over

The globe breaks with tradition and shows the boring and often overpriced hotel

chains for privately owned luxury villas in central Florida area.

To accommodate this appetite for a true home away from home has several websites

ran on the internet and offers privately owned Florida villas for rent. They offer

you have a selection of fantastic holiday homes that vary in size from 3 to 7 bedrooms, all

with private pools, and all within 10 ~ 20 minutes of the major theme parks and

attractions. They are literally an Aladdin's cave of luxurious yet affordable

accommodation that can simply help to make your regular vacation one

dream holiday.

We work hard to afford to go on holiday so why not earn your money

Go ahead and your vacation will experience the best it can be for you

and your family? Why not break with tradition? It's time to ditch the hotel and live

as a real floridian on your next Disney vacation. I guarantee that when you have tried

you will be connected.