Enjoy luxury while staying in the best Dubai hotels


Dubai is a perfect holiday destination with vibrant nightlife, amazing places, the most modern buildings and the best hotels. Dubai is one of the six Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Being one of the largest oil producing countries, it is also known as The Land of Black Gold. In addition, tourism is also one of the most important source of income for the emirates economy. The place is also famous for its well-known cultural heritage. Being the most adventurous shopping destination, Dubai is also called the shopping capital of the Middle East. In addition to shopping festivals, the venue transforms into sports events, business conferences and above all for enjoying holidays.

Dubai is prominent among tourists all over the globe. As the number of tourists rises each year, the establishment of hotels is also increasing manifolds. From the luxury hotels in Dubai to the industries, business tycoons, celebrities and spendthrift billionaires to affordable Dubai hotels for tourists and visitors, all hotels offer excellent service and great facilities. One can enjoy the fascinating stay in Al Khaleej Palace, Grand Moov, Ramada Continental, Hawthorn Deira, Capitol, Metropolitan Deira, Ramee Royal and other luxury Dubai hotels that promise not only for the luxurious stay, but also for the lavish food. The first-class amenities, scenic beauties and comfortable homes are the most important aspects that give you lifelong memories to cherish.

If money is not a limitation, you must choose to live in Burj Al Arab. It is a 7-star hotel and the fourth largest hotel in the world. The hotel is 321m high and is built on the man-made island next to Juneriah Beach. Alongside other luxury hotels in Dubai, Burj Al Arab is the very attractive center among tourists because of its shape. The hotel is built like a sail of a ship. In accordance with the waveform at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab looks magnificent. Next to Burj Al Arab is another 7 star hotel in Dubai Atlantis, Palm. It is located in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, and features an inbuilt amusement park. There are 1539 rooms at the hotel. Still the biggest among them is Madinat Jumeirah. It is spread in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 40 acres with beautiful landscapes and gardens. What's more! There are two boutique hotels in it, Al Qasr and Mina A & Salam.

The luxurious Dubai hotels are well designed and meet the needs of the richer community, so it can experience a sumptuous and extravagant stay in Dubai. Book one of the luxury hotels in Dubai in advance to enjoy the hassle-free and enjoyable trip.


Source by Nav K Singh