Luxury Hotels in Mauritius Offers Opulent Stay


Mauritius is considered one of the most peaceful holiday destinations, offering many choices for its guests to accommodation for all people. Beach bungalows, villas, apartments, studios and luxury hotels in Mauritius are abundant to meet the demands of the growing number of tourists visiting this "Indian Ocean Treasure". It is considered a heaven for vacation, perfect for business, the ultimate in luxury hotels with state-of-the-art spas. One could be on a honeymoon, with the family or at a business and pleasure trip. Luxury Hotels in Mauritius offer personalized white sandy beaches for sunbathing, water sports for young and aesthetic magic in spas with striking taste of the Mascarene Archipelago.

One can recognize the hotel that best suits your needs and schedules in Mauritius. If you intend to spend a good amount on the beach, you can probably choose the many luxury hotels on the beach or villas and resorts that abound close to the beaches. Adventure, golf, museums, culture, diving, nature, fishing, snorkeling, water sports – luxury hotels in Mauritius have them all. All you have to do is look for the one that is most suitable. Hotels in Mauritius also arrange excursions according to guest requirements and organize rented cars to see more of this beautiful island.

Everyone can identify the hotel that is best suited to one's needs and schedules in Mauritius. If you intend to spend a good time on the beach, you can choose the many beach houses and villas and resorts that are in abundance close to the beaches. Similarly, there are pubs and discos where you can dance at night for those who are prone to a dull nightlife. Adventure, scenery, fishing, golf, museums, culture, diving, snorkeling, water sports – luxury hotels in Mauritius have them all. They can also arrange expedition as per guest requirement and organize cars to hire for touring this beautiful island.

One of the most preferred hotels is Oberoi luxury hotel in Mauritius. Opulens as a unique, excellent and private experience is the center of this hotel. It includes all components of the guest's stay, which technically combines magnificent locations, lavish surroundings and the best modern facilities with tailor made service provided with genuine care. The design and building of the hotel seems to be inspired by the chronological style of the region. The design is combined with lavish interior design, complete with local arts and crafts, for menus offering a wide range of local specialties and classical or folk dance performances. If you are planning a vacation to Mauritius; This hotel will allow you to take back good memories.


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Youth sports team chooses to stay in Holiday Homes Vs Hotels


Youth sports tournaments are popular in most major US cities. Sports teams on the move now include everything from football to softball, volleyball to cheerleading. Team leaders and organizers often face the challenge of where to host their teams. Unless reservations are made far in advance, hotels and motels are almost always booked. They also lack the youth-friendly homes that these events need for children and teenagers to feel at home. The more youth sports organizers increasingly choose vacation homes for their teams to stay away from activities, competitions and tournaments.

Close proximity to tournament locations

Holiday homes are often equally conveniently located for tournament and sports venues such as hotels and motels. For children, teens and event leaders / organizers, it is only minutes away from where events are held, a key factor. Such homes are not only close to arenas, ballparks and convention centers, but they are also very often just minutes from major entertainment attractions that allow children, teenagers and their taxes to relax.

There is no place at home

Tournament organizers and team leaders find that vacation homes can be very accommodating for youth teams. Many of these homes have children / bunk rooms, two or three bunk beds and two trundles, which provides the extra convenience that many children can share the same bedroom. Some four-bedroom vacation homes can sleep as many as 16. And most have a sofa bed in the living room that sleeps two more.

Entertainment for children, teenagers and their fees

Many holiday homes are designed to keep children, teenagers and their taxes entertained, something they need after a day of physically and mentally challenging competition. These homes typically feature smart TVs, action-packed game systems like X-Box, DVD players, Foosball, Netflix and Wi-Fi access to smartphones, tablets and laptops. Such connectivity also helps keep everyone up to date on local tournament activities and sporting events around the world.

Polish, Spa and BBQs

After a busy day of tryouts and tough challenges, children, teenagers and their taxes must relax. Holiday homes allow guests to do something they usually can not do at a hotel or motel-prepare hot dogs, burgers or steaks on a barbecue in privacy for their own backyard. Nobody is waiting for BBQs to be available or share yard space with strange hotel / motel guests. Each home usually features a large outdoor dining table and chairs as well as a comfortable seating area. Most homes also have an in-ground, private, gated pool and a relaxing spa or hot tub. Here, adults can stress their payroll taxes while youngsters swim competitors can practice their techniques over and over again in the privacy of the people they know.

Three Square Meals

Living in a vacation home, guests can enjoy healthy, economical meals for children and teens – three times a day. Unlike hotels and motels offering inflexible menus, most holiday homes allow for the preparation of unique meals to suit their team & # 39; health and taste preferences. Each home has fully-equipped kitchens with stainless steel appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and double oven), granite counters and large breakfast bars. The kitchen also comes with pots, pans, bakery, cooking utensils, dishes, cutlery, even kitchen towels and paper towels – just like home.

Economic Cleaning Service

Youth teams can be hard on clothes and uniforms. Hotel / motel laundry can be very expensive for an entire team. Most holiday homes include a washer and dryer for economical comfort at home. Cleaning after children and teens can also be a task, and therefore most homes also have household services.


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Hotels in Abu Dhabi near airport – enrichment of your stay in every way


Featured as the Middle East safest city at Mercer Quality of Living Index 2011, Abu Dhabi is one of the most prosperous cosmopolitan in the Gulf. Most of the seven emirates in the UAE, this capital is popular all over the globe for its natural mangrove forests, undamaged beaches, stunning scenery and incredible infrastructure. Growth as an important tourist and commercial attraction, the metropolis has discovered many luxurious developments in recent times. From the massive White Marble Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Formula One Circuit, the city has been working to lure expats to its man-made wonder.

Abu Dhabi is also known as the UAE's economic and political power plant, as it houses all federal government offices, prominent financial institutions and multinational companies. Thus, there is a huge influx of travelers, both leisure and business into the city throughout the year. Most of these jet lovers prefer to stay in Abu Dhabi hotels near the airport so they can be close to the exhibition center, beaches and the fascinating Emirates Palace. All these tourist hotspots can be reached within a half hour drive from the location of these inns.

Most of these Abu Dhabi hotels near the airport are immersed in luxury and welcome every guest with warm Arabic hospitality. The strategic location of these lavish accommodations makes them part of the city's livelihood and keeps the visitors close to the beauty of the beach. Ostentatially designed, the rooms here are spacious and offer special facilities for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Being one of the best hotels in Abu Dhabi, these properties provide more special packages and offers to travelers who can easily book online.

To cater for all your requirements, these hotels spoil guests with their fine dining experiences. You can choose to fever on gourmet experiences on the rooftop terrace and watch the sunset at the back of the high-rise buildings or relax in the lounge bar with a selection of spirits and wines at your service. Enjoy a range of sumptuous authentic slices, served by the professional staff here, and taste a solid meal in absolute prosperity. You can also relax with the family in the outdoor swimming pools or Mollycoddle with a refreshing and happy Moroccan bath at the wellness and beauty centers. There is no condemnation that you will be flabbergasted by the warmth, extravagance and greatness of these boarding opportunities in the midst of the desert.

So whether you're planning an exciting vacation with family or an important business trip, these best hotels in Abu Dhabi will make sure you have an unforgettable time in the city.


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Shanghai Hotels – Discounted Hotels in the City


Although Shanghai Hotels are recognized for their luxury standards, there is no shortage of discounted hotels in the city. Travelers find them very advantageous as they have been most sought after. Shanghai is a city of difference. With skyscrapers and violent luxury around it has become one of the most influential cities in the world. People from all over the world travel Shanghai for different reasons. This is what makes this city more important and worthwhile.

However, despite the fact that this city is known for luxury, there is no shortage of hotels available on heavy discounts. The remarkable part is that there are hotels that fall under the luxury hotels category and are available at heavily discounted prices.

In fact, there are many hotels whose philosophy is to make the best personal service. As we know that the best quality hotels are available with these types of hotels, there is no shortage of them in today's context in Shanghai. In fact, this is what makes it one of the wonderful cities in the world.

As more and more people find it easy to book from a variety of hotels in Shanghai, they are becoming more and more popular. As there is no shortage of hotels in the city of Shanghai, the experience is just amazing. In addition, there are plenty of airport hotels that make things useful for travelers.

You can always view and book online from low cost privately owned Bed & Breakfast hotels to luxury hotels such as Wyndham Bund East Shanghai, Windsor Park Hotel Kunshan, Pacific Hotel, Joyage Business Hotel, Jin Jiang Tower, Dijon Hotel Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Pudong, Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Xujia, Shanghai Shanghai Zhongshan Park, Jin Jiang New Asia Hotel and others.

city of Shanghai we find it to be the largest city in China. It is located on the banks of the Yangtze River Delta. With lots of hot spots and attractions, shopping lanes, captivating nightlife, Shanghai welcomes travelers from all corners and corners of the world. You can never miss enjoying an unforgettable vacation in the city of Shanghai.

In addition, one can enjoy Shanghai hotels near the prominent places of Shanghai Museum, Huangpu River and the Bund, Jin Mao Tower, Longhua Pagoda and Longhua Temple, Shanghai Xin Tian Di, Jade Buddha Temple, Yuyuan Garden and many more.


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Use of hotel deals to find cheap hotel deals


Everyone likes vacation; take a short break from boring work and stressful activities and the best way to get there is to find a relaxing place and look for the cheapest hotel deal. The internet will offer you the best cheap hotel deals and by being flexible you have a good chance to find a hotel with cheap rates.

One suggestion is that you can use Priceline. It provides a good bid feature for those who really need to find cheap hotel deals and accommodation. You do not have to choose your hotel, in fact you could choose the location, the quality of the rooms and the amount you want to pay. At times, it costs half the fixed room rates with their offer function.

More hotels offer discounted rates when you stay for a few nights and you get one night for free. Call the hotel immediately and ask for discounts and special promotions. Compare all facilities with other hotels you will find at the place you would like to stay at. Often there are discounts when you get a flight and a hotel together. Be wise to find some hidden fees, such as when you search on a travel website. Travel sites can add an additional fee to use their website – a fee that would not be there if you directly ask the hotel about their rates. The package deals with hotel reservations and car rentals can give you more savings, but it's also better to check what rates would be if you buy them separately.

Searchers sometimes find it difficult to find out where to start, as there are lots of travel sites on the internet. They say that all other sites have the same offer of the cheapest hotel deals; This is a general misunderstanding as a site may be far different from another.

Hotel Deal Site is another great way to find cheap hotel deals. Simply select your destination and the date you intend to go, and they will compare hotel prices for you from any other major hotel offer. First, you need to find out where to search for cheap hotel deals online, and from there you will find no reason not to stay in comfortable hotels simply because you have a low budget. You will definitely be surprised that hotel prices can simply be as affordable as you never thought it would be.


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China Luxury Hotels – Find The Right One!


In China there are many choices for places to visit so the first thing you need to do to find the hotel for a perfect, luxurious vacation is to decide whether you want to live in a city city, a small town or on the outskirts of China. One thing is for sure, no matter where you choose to live, there are amazing attractions scattered throughout the country, and the couple with a good hotel will make a good holiday.

The major cities of China include China's capital, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, all of which have some good first-class hotels. Beijing is famous for housing the Great Wall, and its natural cultural atmosphere. While Beijing is the political, educational and cultural center in China, there are many important historical landmarks here.

Shanghai is the largest, most developed city in China, and is the economic, commercial and fashion hub in the country. Guangzhou is a major industrial city and boasts some very scenic vistas on the outskirts of town as well as some traditional lamps in the middle of all high-rise buildings. Luxury hotels include Grand Hyatt Beijing, The Garden Hotel (Guangzhou), Four Seasons Shanghai, and many more.

Other towns around China include Kunming, Nanjing and Xian, which have metropolitan areas surrounded by fascinating scenery. These cities have some very luxurious hotels, and are known for their many attractions. Kunming is known for its natural surroundings, parks and gardens, historic temples, museums, markets and the like.

Nanjing is a historic and cultural city with a breathtaking scenery and a modern center. Xian also has good sights and historical architecture, as well as great tourist attractions here. Luxury hotels around these areas include Grand Park Hotel Kunming, Sofitel Galaxy Nanjing, Shangri-La Hotel Xian and many others.

Areas of China better known for its very breathtaking scenic views include Guilin, Hangzhou and Suzhou, all of which welcome you with their many historical attractions, culture and natural beauty. There are some luxurious hotels around these areas, but not as many choices as the main towns.

Guilin is a very famous tourist destination for its spectacular surroundings, including its parks, hills and caves, rivers and others. Hangzhou is also popular as a tourist city with its beautiful scenery and historical and cultural heritage. Suzhou is also famous for its beautiful gardens and traditional riverboat architecture. Luxury hotels here include Sheraton Guilin Hotel, Sofitel Hangzhou, Sofitel Suzhou, and many others.


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Enjoy your vacation – Stay in cheap hotels


The hospitality industry is witnessing rapid growth and development. Each area is viewed correctly to attract more and more customers. Hotels are designed and decorated in stylish ways. There is a tough completion between hotels and resorts. The desire to travel among the people is increasing. With this increase in love for tourism, more and more hotels and villas are designed and built. Every hotel tries to offer the best services and facilities to its customers, minimizing costs. This led to the growth of many cheap and luxurious hotels.

Recession left many people economically crumbled. Many of them hesitate to spend huge money on entertainment and recreation. They are planning to save money. But is that the solution? We must rejuvenate our minds. There are many ways to recreate. Travel is one of the best ways to refresh your mind. You can feel relaxed and fun by visiting a beautiful place. But with the recent blow in the recession, many go back to taste the beauty of nature.

They fear that the hotel's fees are high and they will not be able to afford them. But the fact is that there are cheaper options. By doing proper research you can learn about many cheap hotels. These homes are cheap as well as luxurious. Cheap hotels always try to offer the best services and impress the customers. By doing so, they try to improve their reputation in the hotel industry. They must not compete with the five-star hotels. But they try to provide some of the amenities. They care for the guests and put a lot of emphasis on the hospitality. Many cheap hotels or resorts also include meals and breakfast in their fees so it makes your holiday a cost-saving proposition. Some of these cheap hotels also offer vehicle rental to their customers.

Many cheap hotels are located in the leading places. So it will be easy for customers to do their daily activities and return to their hotels or villas the same day. All the important tourist sites can be visited from these hotels. Cheap hotels are good opportunities if you plan to stay only for one day. Spending huge amounts of money by staying in a five-star hotel will be foolish on your part if you have a short visit plan. By choosing a cheap hotel you can save some money.

It was easy to find a cheap hotel. You just have to make an effort. There are many websites designed to help you choose the right hotel for you. Hotel Price Comparison Sites are designed to serve the purpose. You can compare the prices offered by the hotel from this source.

You can review customer reviews and comments before making a decision. Finding a cheaper and luxurious hotel was never so easy. With the prosperity of the hospital industry, more and more well-designed and well-designed hotels are being developed. Now you can live comfortably and luxuriously and get good hospitality by paying a little money.


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Visit Cancun – Top Luxury Hotels in the World


Cancun is located in the northeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and offers an ideal place for an exotic beach holiday. The weather in Cancun, its sandy beaches and crystal clear waters will be sure to cliff beach lovers everywhere with its many activities, culture and lush tropical landscapes.

There are a number of luxury hotels present in Cancun, and the choice of location is great. We have delivered three of the best known hotels in the region, from 5 to 6 stars. Experience is guaranteed that holidaymakers feel special.

Le Blanc Spa Resort

This 6-star hotel was created for the keen traveler who enjoys the finer aspects of life while on holiday. Le Blanc is the brainchild of a famous Mexican designer and it exhibits elegance and architectural elegance in all its features. The hotel is sure to meet holidaymakers & # 39; expectations when it comes to luxury holidays. It is ideal for summer vacation or a Cancun spring break.

Le Blanc Spa Resort basically adds to the requirements of experienced travelers, while being polite and discreet to the tourists more likely. Le Blanc Spa Resort offers a sophisticated style but is available to those who never dared into the luxurious. The hotel staff is determined to provide the necessary attention while catering to each and every guest's needs.

The remarkable features include the 24-hour spa associated with the Mayan Nichupte Lagoon, a variety of restaurants including one focusing on gourmet French and brilliant dinners for romance, your dear ones.

JW Marriott Cancun

For the quality of service you can not ignore the Marriott in Cancun, which provides flexibility for every way of guest. JW Marriott Resort & Spa has 448 rooms, all of which are equipped with all the amenities and luxury offered by a 5-star service. The bedrooms are furnished with 32 inch LCD screens and a balcony overlooking a tropical paradise. Shopping in Cancun is also easy as the hotel is centrally located.

The hotel also offers two restaurants where Gustino Italian cuisine is the guest's favorite; With its spacious locality and appetizing Mediterranean cuisine, the restaurant serves a welcome break between beach trips or the hotel's Mayan-themed spa. Marriott is a favorite especially for business travelers, but couples or singles on vacation with their services equally rewarding.

Grand Coral Beach Cancun

Grand Coral is a member of Leading Hotels of the World, an honor that has not been easily acquired. This honor is well deserved as this hotel offers an almost flawless attention to detail and unrivaled hospitality. Located in the heart of the city, Grand Coral offers stunning views from marble-bound luxury-style suites. The latter will provide comfort to even the most prominent of travelers. The location also makes shopping in Cancun a pleasant experience while travelers enjoy clement weather in Cancun.

La Joya restaurant offers gourmet Mexican food along with four other restaurants and a variety of bars. The hotel is equally suitable for adults or children as it provides a number of child-oriented activities, including a Kids & # 39; Club that allows mothers and fathers to rest for a while.

There is also a golf course nearby for the enjoyment of enthusiasts, or just for relaxation. Pok-ta-bag was designed by Robert Trent Junior, and the hotel offers discounted rates for guests to benefit from. Grand Coral is suitable for any vacation, be it a romantic getaway or a Cancun family holiday.


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Singapore Hotels – Hall Mark of Clean and Effective Services


One of the smallest nations in the world, Singapore has evolved into a wonderful cosmopolitan city state. Using skills from different immigrant communities on the island of Singapore has become one of the busiest ports in Asia. It has also evolved into a trading center. Business facilities are so widely acknowledged that it is the business center chosen by major groups around the world.

Watch any kind of life like sports, city transport, shopping, culture or entertainment, amenities on the island are excellent and at the level of the world's best. Singapore hotels are no exception from here. Service and facilities are one of the best available in the world.

List of Singapore results is long and impressive. People in Singapore have managed to stand over their beliefs and cast to represent Singapore in a unique way. They have given their nation first priority, and everything else is number two. This has been solved in a cosmopolitan society, where purity is the order of the day.

Visit any place in Singapore and you will find it quite nicely and clean. Singapore cheap hotels are no exception from here. Visit my Singapore hotel and you will be surprised at the cleanliness offered by these hotels and you do not have to pay extra for it.

Reputation to Singapore as an excellent business center is solved in the highly successful hotel industry on the island. The choice of hotels is fantastic on the continent. The hotel industry on the continent offers a wide range of budget hotels to exclusive resorts on the island. Choose one of the cheap hotels in Singapore to enjoy the star amenities at very affordable prices.

Most of these Singapore hotels have restaurants offering lovely and mouth-watering dishes in a variety of dishes. The location of these rooms is charming in a unique way, and the comfort of these hotels is more or less homely in nature.

Facilities at most of Singapore hotels are at the top of the class. Room amenities include most modern gadgets along with excellent room service. Air conditioning these days has become standard and you will find it in most of Singapore cheap hotels. The hotel has a swimming pool, spa, fitness center and beauty treatments.

Swimming pool can be indoors or outdoors. Some Singapore hotels have swimming pools high on the roof, while others offer swimming pools on any of the higher floors. The spas at most of Singapore hotels are well maintained and offer various relaxation therapies to soothe your senses. When staying at any of the cheap hotels in Singapore, do not forget to avail these excellent facilities offered by these hotels.


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New York Hotels with swimming pools and family-friendly New York City attractions


New York City is a great destination for families with children. There are many attractions and activities for children. But like most families traveling with children, a hotel with a pool is an important priority. As any parent knows, a nice swimming pool is not only fun for the kids, but it also serves an important advantage for parents … like stealing a few moments of peace. When it comes to New York City, it is obviously more challenging to find New York hotels with pools because there are surprisingly few hotels with pools. This may seem otherwise considering the huge number of hotels in Big Apple, but New York real estate agents are so expensive and, in some cases, they are literally small round pools. Nevertheless, there are a few good choices. Below we have mentioned some good family-friendly New York hotels with swimming pools that are worth considering.

New York Hotels with Swimming Pools:

  • Sheraton Manhattan Hotel – Best Family Friendly New York Hotel – 790 7th Ave & 51st St, New York, NY This New York Hotel is the best choice for families with a great base on the total value, location and its pool. The Sheraton Manhattan Hotel offers a 4-lane, 50 foot pool, which is the largest real hotel-owned pool in New York City, even though it is less than normal. For parents looking to relax, there is a good pool deck lounging is stealing a few moments of relaxation. Sheraton Manhattan also claims the benefits of being relatively close to Broadway and Times Square.
  • Crown Plaza Times Square Hotel – 1605 Broadway & 49th Street, New York, NY – Crown Plaza Hotel is located in Times Square and offers 4 lane, 55 foot pool in collaboration with the New York Sports club. The seating area and lounge deck are limited but useful. Normally, 2 lanes are reserved for swimming and the others for free swimming, which reduces the pool's useful size. But this New York hotel is a good alternative choice for families on vacation in New York City and want to be right in the Broadway / Times Square area. Crown Plaza is also a good choice for those on tighter budgets.
  • Le Parker Meridien Hotel – 119 W. 56th Street, New York, NY – This Midtown Manhattan Hotel offers a 45 foot, 3 lane pool with a very attractive and relaxed pool area. The view from the pool looks like Central Park. This New York Hotel pool is small and sometimes it can get crowded, but it will make the trick. It is a great choice for families looking for an exclusive family-friendly New York Hotel.
  • Mandarin Oriental New York – 80 Columbus Circle 60th Street, New York, NY – Mandarin Oriental is a luxurious New York hotel, and its pool facilities are equally sumptuous. Mandarin Oriental offers probably the best New York City Hotel pools with regard to luxurious atmosphere. Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows provide stunning views of New York City. The pool lounge area is on Mandarin's impeccable and elegant with plush lounge chairs. Despite being the best in town, it may not be the best for a family with very "active" children.
  • Peninsula Hotel New York – 700 Fifth Avenue in 55th Street, New York, NY The Peninsula New York is another luxurious New York hotel with pool facilities competing with Mandarin Oriental. Located on the hotel's 23rd floor there is a glass enclosed area with a chic decor that is calming and completely relaxing. At night, excellent views of the city provide an enchanting atmosphere. The pool serves the children well, but the parents will definitely appreciate the nice lounge area.
  • Millennium UN Plaza Hotel – United Nations Plaza, New York, NY – This New York hotel is located in the UN Plaza area and features a 3-lane 44-foot pool. The Millennium Plaza Hotel is a luxurious New York Hotel located close to the United Nations building on the eastern side of Midtown Manhattan. The hotel's swimming pool is on the 27th floor and offers impressive views of New York. The pool lounge area is a little bit on the tight side and is not one of the more relaxing pool chairs areas available.

For those seeking more information about New York hotels with swimming pools, including photos, locations, prices and true to hotel hotel availability, is a link to a webpage specific to New York hotels with swimming pools listed in Resource section Follow this article.

Family-friendly New York City Attractions:

In addition to finding a family-friendly New York hotel with a pool, there are some great activities for kids in New York City. Instead of suffering through endless pages of lists in travel guides with questionable value and accuracy, we suggest they are sure to please recommended friendly New York City attractions.

  • America Girl Shop -For little girls who love dolls, the American Girl Store is a pure fantasy country. Looks like a high-end boutique with the latest American girl clothes fashion, it's a shopping paradise. American Girl Store sports a beauty salon for American girl dolls with real hair stylists, salon chairs and beauty stations with the works. Upstairs there is a Doll Hospital where you can take your doll for repairs or other "procedures" that may be necessary. Finally, the American Doll Store offers its own tea and dining area, which is very popular for young girls who celebrate their birthday in the style of friends and family. The American Girl Store also used to have live theater productions around the American girl stories. Unfortunately, this is closed thanks to some corporate weenie with green eye shadow. But all in all, we think this is one of the best experience-based children's shops in New York City (sorry boys, although the NBA store is probably close to each other.
  • Bronx Zoo – Bronx River Parkway and Boston Road, Bronx, NY 10460 – {Looking for one of the world's best zoos? Look no further than the Bronz Zoo. This New York Zoo has an excellent collection of exotic animals from all over the world including elephants, gorillas, giraffes, bears, rhinos and leopards.You can easily reach the Bronx Zoo from downtown Manhattan. The train from Grand Central Station on Metro North Line stops at the Zoo. There are also express buses that stop along Madison Avenue, which goes straight to the Bronx Zoo. Look for BXM11
  • Central Park Carousel – Central Park, New York, NY – The carousel in Central Park is a beautiful old-fashioned carousel. Continuing a tradition continuing since 1871, located in Central Park is a s muk 57 horse antique carousel. Ornate carved wooden horses await rides from young people in an old-fashioned carousel building that warmly greet you on your approach. It gives a simple pleasure from times gone by and is a good response from today's bustle. While you are there, take advantage of the trails, garden areas and sculptural ponds inside the park. It is a wonderfully relaxing and expansive setting and leaves you wondering how such a peaceful pace can exist in one of the world's largest cities.
  • Dylan's Candy Store – 1011 Third Avenue, New York, NY – What Willy Wonka did for the imagination; Dylan's Candy Store actually does. It is a true wonderland of candy that will bring the child's wide eyes and mouth wide open with awe. The New York City candy store is an absolute must visit, and parents we apologize for the post candy sugar rush that follows.
  • Ellen's Stardust Dinner – 1650 Broadway, New York, NY – Stardust Diner is located in the Broadway Theater District and is a fun experience for children and adults alike. The dinner is a retro 50-built theater theme, but the real treat is the singing fans. Comprising of aspiring Broadway actors, staff will break into a fully-featured Broadway-style song performance. The wait staff is incredibly fun and very friendly and willing to kibitz. The kids will eat it up.
  • Empire State Building – 350 Fifth Avenue, 33rd and 34th Street, New York, NY – Visit the Empire State Building and go to the Observatory level for a panoramic view of New York City. A Gorilla, ala King Kong, will greet the entrance to the observatory. Although the view and sheer height are sure to be an exciting experience, it also deserves to try to take a picture of the entire building from street level. Continue to back up. For a really fun time, bring the night before your visit with a DVD from the original King Kong Movie to a family movie and bring the kids the following day. It adds to fun and mystery.
  • FAO Schwartz – 767 Fifth Avenue in 58th Street, New York, NY – FAO Schwartz is the mother of all toy stores in New York City. FAO Schwartz is located opposite Central Park and is a child's dream come true. This store has something for everyone with the latest and best in toys. But sometimes the part we like best is the expanded stuffed animal collection. A virtual Noah's sheet of stuffed animals of all kinds spreads over the main floor, including incredibly large stuffed animals (although you wonder how to transport them home). If you wake up to FAO Schwartz keep in mind you have no likelihood of escaping without buying anything and the prices are not at discount.
  • Grand Slam – Times Square, Broadway between 46th and 47th Street, New York, NY. – Grand Slam is a snowfall of New York souvenirs ranging from the popular FDNY tee shirts and caps to all the things you may imagine that can carry a New York Yankee logo. This shop is aimed at tourists, but is still a lot of fun for sports-restricted children.
  • NBA Store – 666 Fifth Avenue in 52nd Street, New York, NY. – For the child who loves basketball, this is your 3-story hops heaven. Authentic NBA items are served, including large NBA jerseys and basketball shorts. NBA players often perform performances in the NBA store and will sign autographs.
  • Manhattan Children's Theater – 52 White Street (380 Broadway), New York, NY. – The Manhattan Children's Playhouse is a children's theater that creates appropriate productions based on popular stories and children's stories like Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Brothers Grimm Stories. These are high quality products for young people and they will catch them.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art – 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY – The Metropolitan Art Museum is one of the world's largest art museums. With an extensive collection containing many of the most famous paintings and works of art ever produced, the museum will capture many children, especially those with an interest in painting and art. The Egyptian, arms and armor, medieval and European painting collections will be enjoyed by the children.
  • Natural History Museum – Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, NY – The Natural History Museum is filled with fun collections and interesting exhibits that will surely capture every child's fancy as well as parents. From Egyptian mummies and sarcophagi, giant stuffed elephants and wildlife, dinosaur skeletons (including the now famous "Rexy" from the movie Night at the Museum that greet you at the front door), American Indian relics, totem poles and much more. Natural History Museum is an excellent attraction for families.
  • SONY Wonder Technology Lab – 550 Madison Ave. & 56th Street, New York, NY – Sony Wonder Technology Lab is a wonderfully interactive computer research environment for children. Exhibitions include creative interactive applications with advanced technologies such as virtual operating stations, animation workshops and nanotechnologies and robots.
  • Theaterworks – 121 Christopher St, New York, NY – Theaterworks is located in Greenwich Village, and is a highly recognized family-run theater production company. Views are only available on weekends, but the performances are top notch and highly acclaimed. Performances cover the children's classics like Charlotte's Web, Lion, Witch and Wardrobe and Seussical.
  • The New Victory Theater – 209 West 42nd Street, New York, NY. – Located in the Broadway district, the New Victory Theater is a youth theater with a little more edge to it, and probably better suited for teenagers and more mature children. Performances range from the macabre to the more juvenile avant-garde style. The interior of the theater is amazingly ornate and with only 500 seats the view is spectacular.


Source by Nathan Tolland