Azerbaijan – Baku Hotels Unleashed

Derived its name from the ancient Persian term means city where the wind is blowing; The city of Baku is the capital and the largest city in Azerbaijan. Home to about 3 million people, oil-rich Baku is one of the world's most famous oil-producing centers. Together with its oily economy, the city of Baku with its large number of theaters, opera and ballet has a rich and vibrant cultural life. The city of Baku is also famous as one of the leading cultural and educational centers in the Caucasus. At the same time, Baku is rapidly becoming famous all over the world as the jewel in the Caucasus with its vast number of scenic gardens, fountains, coastal marvels and cosmopolitan atmosphere. If you want to travel to this beautiful country for your business or pleasure, knowing about this city of Baku, its many accommodation facilities, restaurants and cultural life will already prove to be an added advantage. A look through the pages at will inform you about details of some of the best accommodations you can find in Baku.

To accommodate the vast number of tourists and visitors traveling to this beautiful city every year, Baku has a number of hotels and guesthouses, luxuriously designed and equipped with amenities of a modern, great-style lifestyle. Azcot Guest House, Park Inn Azerbaijan, Radisson SAS Plaza hotel, hotel Araz and Red Roof Guest House are some of the largest homes you can choose while visiting Baku. At, we will inform you about the different aspects of these hotels, the most important facilities offered and the prices charged.

Azcot Guest House was built in the 19th century and has one of the most prominent places in the city of Baku. Azcot Guest House is in close proximity to Baku's most famous cinemas, shopping malls and restaurants, within walking distance of the famous Fountain Square. Azcot Guest House consists of lifts, lifts, grand marble stairs and spacious halls. All guestrooms include air conditioning, complimentary bottled water, free local calls, free local calls, and a safe deposit box at the front desk. The warm friendly staff make you feel at home, whether you stay for a short or long period of time. The breakfast and free tea / coffee you get at Azcot Guest House are also of high quality.

At you will also learn about some of the newest hotels established in the city. Park Inn Azerbaijan is one of them. Park Inn Azerbaijan was founded in January 2006 and overlooks the Kaspian. It is located in the center of Baku, just minutes from the city's main shopping and business areas in Baku. Park Inn Azerbaijan with 248 rooms, fitness and conference facilities is one of the best places to stay during your business or vacation visit. All rooms at the Park Inn Azerbaijan feature a safety deposit box, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, hairdryer and mini bars. Park Inn Azerbaijan features a restaurant and bar on the first floor and a private club on the 11th floor.

Hotel Araz is one of the best places to choose from in the city of Baku, if you are looking for comfortable accommodation in reasonable prices. The hotel is in the middle of a residential area and is on a busy main road. So you can travel to the central regions of the city whenever you want with élan. All rooms at the Araz hotel are equipped with air conditioning, ensuite shutters and televisions. Hotel Araz is one of the most economical places to stay while visiting Baku, and if you want, you can also use old women's services that will do your household laundry and cleaning work for you.

Red Roof Guest House, located just outside Baku city center, is one of the most comfortable homes you can choose from in Baku. The rooms at this guesthouse are elegantly decorated and equipped with a range of luxury facilities to far-reaching international standards. Complete with a pool table, common area, bar, wide screen TV and a wide range of DVD's, the Red Roof Guest House is equipped to make your stay in Baku as comfortable as possible. To make your reservation round the clock reception, transportation and from airport, laundry and ironing facilities, fax, swimming pool and sea view sauna, a look through will inform you about the exclusive features of many other hotels present in the city of Baku .

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Quality characteristics of China's Modern Hotels

China's modern hotels & # 39; Management includes a number of activities. These activities include the hotel's business goals, principles, strategies to ensure fulfillment of hotel operations goals. China's modern hotel operation and administration differs from other corporate executives, it has its unique features. The management's characteristics of China's modern hotel are mainly reflected in holistic, systematic, foreign and diversity.

first Holistic

China's modern hotel is an organic whole. The overall goal of China's modern hotel is composed of all elements. The overall effect is generated in the mutual relationships with all the modern hotel elements. Hotel managers must consider the hotel's overall interests, make full use of the hotel's human, material and financial resources as well as the role of the information.

2nd Systemic

China's modern hotels must establish and perfect the overall and authoritative business management system, to provide customers with one-stop system services. From customers check in to check out, all departments must cooperate with each other. In addition, customers provide system services to meet their needs during their stay at the hotel.

3rd Foreign-related

China's modern hotels not only receive domestic customers but also receive foreign customers. Chinese hotels arrange a range of services based on different countries and different ethnic living habits to meet foreign customers' needs. In this way, it can increase mutual understanding among people and friendship between Chinese and foreigners.

4th Diversity

Human needs are different from each other. So Chinese hotels should not only meet the guest's needs with rooms and dietary habits, but also require a wide range of services and amenities to meet the different needs of the guests. Therefore, they can be satisfied. In addition, the hotel's diversity is reflected in the creation of economic benefits. China's modern hotels not only create economic benefits, but also create social benefits. In addition, it provides the necessary daily business activities.

All hotels in China have these properties. The hotels offer excellent customer service. All rooms in Chinese hotels are well-equipped, which gives you not only comfortable, but also enjoyment. Currently, China has an increasingly important status in the world. So many people coming from all countries want to come to China to do business or travel in China. While most people are always busy, they do not have enough time to check which hotel is better.

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A trip to the Palace Hotels in India

When I started a five month trip to India, I had no idea what was in store for me. I was not even sure why I was planning a trip to India. Perhaps I was too fascinated by the Indian Maharaja's lifestyle and wanted to see and experience for myself their lives and their palaces. My interest in Indian palaces and forts developed by reading books like "India Style" of "Monisha Bharadwaj", "Indian princes and their states" of "Barbara N. Ramusack", & # 39; 39; Indian subcontinent "#" of "Alison Arnold" and "Indian temples and palaces of Michael Edwardes."

Indian Maharaja's palaces

India is a mystical country and has as many things as a traveler can discover. Almost every western traveler is sure to get a culture shock to visit India, so it is recommended to do some travel reading before the start of the trip.

India's history is rich and tells us of many brave kings and queens who lived and died for their kingdoms. These kings used to rule over great kingdoms and lived extraordinary lavish lives in their exotic and divine forts and palaces. Over time, most of these palaces were destroyed by invading troops; remnants rev Today is hosted by hotels of the government of India and some other private organizations.

Exotic Indian Palaces Converted to Hotels

One of my main goals for visiting India was to stay in one of the many palace hotels and experience the life of the Maharashians (kings). I have discussed below some hotels where I stayed and those I appreciate most.

Lalitha Mahal Palace in Mysore

My trip to Mysore was to reflect on my itinerary that needed to visit the places that had a rich cultural heritage and culture. The most famous palace hotel in Mysore is the "Lalitha Mahal Palace". This palace was built far back in 1921 by a king named Wodeyar Krishna & # 39; and was designed by & # 39; EW Fritchley & # 39; who was a famous English architect.

Today, this palace is maintained by the India Tourism Development Corporation, and they have done a good job with it. The outside looks like white, where like the interior is almost as good as new. All rooms in this palace over look out onto the beautiful Chamundi Hills and provide visitors with breathtaking views of Mysore city.

The castle offers all the facilities one can expect of a five-star hotel, which includes swimming pools, golf courses, health club, salons and a shopping street.

Fern Hill Palace in Ooty

Ooty located in southern India is India's well-known tourist destination. When in Ooty, I decided to stay in the Fern Hill Palace hotel, which has a story dating back to 1840. Then it was used by the British as their summer vacation. This palace hotel has more than 50 rooms, which also include hotel rooms and cabins. Although the castle is quite old, it is well maintained and has everything that can make someone feel like a maharaja.

This exotic palace, combined with the baker's cool atmosphere, reassures me something that I could appreciate for life.

Bolghatty Palace in Cochin

Cochin in southern India is considered the Indian Ocean Pearl and lives a lot in its reputation. When in Cochin, I decided to live in Bolghatty Palace, which was used as a British governor's residence when India was colonized by the British. Kerala Tourism Development Company has renovated this magnificent piece of architecture bringing it back to all its glory.

The castle has five spacious rooms and six cabins. The rooms have been beautifully renovated, not to spoil their essence. It seems almost as if the time was still in the castle when it was restored in 1744.

Lake Palace in Udaipur

My next destination was Udaipur in Rajasthan, located in western India. Lake Palace in Udaipur is one of the most exotic hotels I have ever stayed. The hotel is located in the middle of the blue waters of Lake Pichola and looks almost in the water from a close fort.

Built in 1754 by Maharana Jagat Singh, the palace is maintained by the Taj group of hotels today and offers the prefect atmosphere for a romantic stay. The castle has 85 beautiful rooms along with special suites and fascinates all with its bright marble slabs, ancient paintings and amazing works of art including glasswork. I almost felt like staying in a fantasy island with my room overlooking a refreshing lily pond.

Udaipur also has many other palace hotels, but none can be compared to Lake Palace. I was also fascinated by Laxmi Vilas Palace & # 39; who once was a guesthouse to serve British guests.

Bikaner House (Bharatpur House) In Abu Abu

Mount Abu in Rajasthan is another hill station that fascinated me. Mount Abu has a wealth of palace hotels, as this was a favorite baking station for the Maharajas. I decided to stay in the Bikaner House Palace, located in one of the most scenic places in Abu. This palace built in 1893 was used as a summer residence for the ancient kings.

The castle is well-maintained and features spacious rooms with antique paintings and works of art. The rooms overlook the mysterious hills that look so much in peace with themselves. It almost conceals a heaven on earth, an experience.

A palace hotel that fascinated me in the Mount Abu, was the Sunrise Palace, located at one of its highest points. This palace hotel was built somewhere in the year 1920, and is quite popular with couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Nilambagh Palace in Bhavnagar

My goal of visiting Bhavnagar, a relatively lesser known tourist destination in western India, was to live in the famous Nilambagh Palace. Built by Maharaja Bhavsinghji in 1723, this palace looks like a piece of architecture in itself. The castle is surrounded by lush gardens and has 18 AC rooms and 5 cabins. The rooms are spacious and offer an extremely luxurious stay.

Other attractions of the castle include belgain mirrors, antique furniture, old chandeliers and a swimming pool designed as a Roman bathroom with marble stairs and white walkways.

Castle on wheels

The castle on wheels is not a hotel or palace, but a maharaja stiltog run by the government of India for tourism. . I was recommended to make this train journey by a fellow traveler and I was glad that I took his advice.

This train was designed to give its voyagers a taste of ancient India. The train covers all major destinations and heritage sites in Agra and Uttar Pradesh for a seven-day trip. The interior of the train looks no less than a five-star palace hotel. The rooms are comfy, include attached baths and lead you to a completely different world. The food is exotic and served by waiter dressed in old Indian clothes.

When I got into my flight home, there was a strange nostalgic feeling that had creeped over me. But I was happy for one thing; I had lived out of my dream of living like an Indian Maharaja.

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New Delhi Hotels

Delhi is the capital of India. Mysterious, ethnic and very jubilee, India is landed with varied multitudes, which is a main attraction for visitors both domestic and international. Delhi is the most important hub for all the political drama that occurs in the country. For that reason, Delhi is divided into two divisions of Old Delhi, where most of the ancient monuments are built by mughal emperors. The old city still has its charm and has entered a large market in Delhi called Chandani Chowk. While New Delhi is a cosmopolitan city due to the diverse cross-cultural and transnational presence of the great Indian establishment and the political system. Here, people live in different societies with equal peace, and the government provides good plans and ventures to meet people's demands no matter what role and creed they belong to. The government's plans begin to provide the best possible facilities and services.

If you visit Delhi, get ready for a magical experience, the city's capital is about the fusion of Western and Eastern drugs, which people were especially drunk by Delhi University students. The kitchen offered is mouth watering and shows the taste of India. For accommodation Hotel Shangrila New Delhi is the optimal place to stay. Equipped with the best possible facilities and services. The hotel is state of the art and impossible your stay here will be embedded and stay in your mind forever. Hotel Shangrila will definitely be your private paradise and you will feel like you're in the sky.

Another hotel that comes to my heart is the ITC welcome hotel New Delhi their brand line no one gives India as we do is true to its sentence. This hotel shows Indian hospitality as well as possible. Hosted host to very important dignitaries around the world, including American President Bill Clinton and Bill Gates. Even Bill Clinton, as he left the White House after his mandate, remembered the Indian food he had while visiting India.

Oberoi hotel New Delhi is also state-of-the-art hotel with excellent service, located in the center

India New Delhi hotel combines international service with standards of Indian hospitality. New Delhi hotels consist of luxury hotels, luxury hotels, star hotels, first class hotels, airport hotels, budget hotels, etc.

Hotel accommodation New Delhi India is the finest and most outstanding hotels with great attractions in terms of interior and exterior architectural and design.

Hotel Taj Palace New Delhi India is the perfect place if you want to relax yourself, it corrects with the synonym of its name the monument of love Taj. Taj Palace New Delhi is the epitome of beauty its great interior and grand architecture make it one of the chic hotel ever. There are many hotels that offer hospitality and warmth that reflect India's true nature. The best time to visit India is the festival season. Among the many festivals are Diwali, Durga Puja, Holi, Lohri, Maha Shivratri, Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha and Budha Jayanti.

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Kanyakumari Hotels – Luxury in The Lap of the Sea

Kanyakumari is a tourist destination in southern India, and many tourists from all over the country travel to the place to witness its natural beauty. More and more foreign travelers also travel to the beach town of Kanyakumari. It has been a popular place for a long time and in recent years many new hotels have been opened. To accommodate the tourist boom, hotels are opened in different price ranges in Kanyakumari. The hotels, however, have caught all eyes for their innovative design and service quality.

Most of the luxury hotels in the city provide excellent facilities for their guests. Hotels have recognized the importance of providing high quality services in order to attract the wealthy part of society. Many Kanyakumari hotels in the luxury segment are located near the sea and therefore they are ideally placed for tourists. Some luxury hotels are also located in remote parts of the city, offering peace and tranquility away from the busy tourist centers. There are a few heritage hotels that are also located in the city. Some luxury hotels are located in the middle of the plantations, and they are truly a sight of sore eyes.

The hotels in Kanyakumari are renowned for their hospitality and they have professionally trained staff to suit all guests' needs. Luxury hotels in the city are not expensive and they provide spacious and clean rooms at affordable prices. This is one of the main reasons why these hotels are booked extremely quickly, especially during the tourist season. Southern Indian cuisine is something unique and guests should try it out while staying at the hotels in Kanyakumari. The place is known for sea food and Kanyakumari can be a delight for non-vegetarians. Most luxury hotels also offer a good mix of Chinese, Continental, and Nordic-style cuisine.

The hotels also provide good facilities for business travelers, including conference rooms and business centers. Luxury hotels in Kanyakumari have facilities like 24hr room service, hot and cold running water, laundry service, valet parking, swimming pools and many other facilities. Guests are sure to miss something when they stay in luxury hotels in the seaside city. You can choose your hotel according to your preferences.

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Downtown Gatlinburg Hotels

Gatlinburg is waiting to be tourists with an amazing stretch of the Great Smoky Mountain Range – a majestic view rising from the Tennessee Hills – and includes pleasant river banks at the Little Pigeon River at the bottom of Mount le Conte. Gatlinburg has grown steadily over the last couple of decades to become one of the country's favorite resort communities – prompted by the mountainous setting that allows families to escape from city life. Downtown Gatlinburg is a good area to choose from while you are in Gatlinburg – and there are dozens of downtown Gatlinburg hotels to suit all budget and tastes.

Downtown Gatlinburg hotels offer a wealth of facilities and price ranges. The most popular among them may be the Howard Johnson Gatlinburg location. Howard Johnson is just one block away from the heart of Gatlinburg and overlooks Smoky Mountain. Due to its central location, guests at this Gatlinburg hotel are within walking distance of many local attractions. This 4-storey hotel comprises a total of 102 rooms and suites – many of them have fireplaces and jacuzzis for an unforgettable stay in the Great Smoky Mountains. Also the standard in each room is a mini fridge, coffee maker, ironing board, hairdryer and TV with movie channels. Guests at the hotel receive discounted meals at the attached restaurant Howard Johnson, and an outdoor pool provides a relaxing environment after hiking on the trails throughout the day. There is an on-site fitness room equipped with modern exercise equipment and instructors – and you can connect to the internet with free wireless high-speed service. Howard Johnson in Gatlinburg is a great place to stay during your vacation in Gatlinburg or a getaway.

Another favorite among travelers is Best Western Twin Islands, which has earned millions of tourists since the 1940s. With only two stories and 90 rooms, this downtown Gatlinburg staple is close enough to the Smokey Mountains to provide stunning views while being close to other points of interest. The hotel is surrounded by mountain streams that provide excellent fishing opportunities without daring far away from the hotel apartments. You are within easy reach of two of Gatlinburg's most popular attractions, Ripley's Aquarium and Hard Rock Café Gatlinburg, both of which are adjacent to the hotel. You are also within a short walk of shopping malls, museums and restaurants. The hotel rooms and suites have a beautiful view balcony, an outdoor seasonal pool and children's playground and laundry services.

A little further up the street is the Best Western Zoder Inn, located on prime property next to the Great Smoky Mountains. The rooms at this Gatlinburg hotel are well-equipped and modern and the hotel offers impeccable service. Guests at the Best Western Zoder Inn will enjoy free continental breakfast, wine and cheese receptions, high speed wireless internet and much more.

This is just a sample of the hotels available for your vacation in Gatlinburg – there are dozens more – and there are other accommodations from the resort that live in rustic mountain cabins – you are sure to find a hotel in the area that meets your taste. Or you can choose a nice bed and breakfast accommodation for a romantic getaway. Whatever you choose – make sure to book early to secure your reservations at most Gatlinburg hotels and cabins. Because Gatlinburg is so popular, hotels and other accommodations tend to book quickly – especially in summer and autumn and during the holiday season.

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Budget Hotels – Tenerife

If you are planning a trip to Spain, there are some budget hotels Tenerife Spain offers that are affordable. Tenerife is a beautiful island, which someone will love to spend time on for a vacation. Palia Don Pedro Hotel is an affordable place to stay while visiting the island. The rooms are comfortable and simple in design and several have balconies that look out over the many beautiful gardens the hotel has. The European rate per Night is 104. Another affordable place is Oasis Orotava Palace Hotel.

Oasis Orotava has 236 guest rooms that come with all the most modern amenities. The hotel also has a conference room available if you are planning a business trip. Nopal Hotel is another lovely hotel to stay when visiting Tenerife Island. The hotel is located in the center of Puerto de la Cruz and offers easy access to urban areas and to the main port. The European rate per Accommodation at Nopal is 108.

Many of these hotels also offer special rates for booking through travel agencies. In addition, travel agents also offer special prices if you order at a particular time of year or if you order online. Choosing a budget hotel is a great way to travel abroad and take the whole family. The cheaper hotels offer the same services as the more expensive ones, but use simpler items in their decor and style.

All hotels offer convenient restaurant dining to their patrons. They also have extras like a full service swimming pool and grounds that have garden areas and patio benches. If you travel to the island for business purposes and your stay is not included as a business expense, you choose the cheaper hotel so much money.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure offered by the budget hotel Tenerife Spain, it is safe to meet your needs. As a bonus, the money you save at the expense of your room allows you to enjoy all the amazing places the island has to offer.

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Bangkok Hotels

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River near Thailand's Bay. The city houses more than 10 million people, making it a very busy city.

As one of the fastest growing, most economically dynamic cities in Southeast Asia, Bangkok appears as a rival to Singapore and Hong Kong.

April and May are the only hot months; Other months are mild. Its rainy season from July to October, rainforest is usually very comfortable.

Bangkoks hotels offer a great combination of services and facilities to meet the budget requirements of all travelers. Conrad Hotel is one of the more expensive hotels, with 392 luxurious and spacious rooms with modern Thai silk and wooden furniture. A 24-hour stay costs around 5,650 Baht (approximately 137 US $) in this stylish deluxe hotel located in the All Seasons Place – the heart of the central business district. The hotel is close to major embassies and Skytrain. The rooms provide wonderful panoramic views of the popular Lumpini Park.

There are also some cheaper hotels. Grand Hyatt Erawan, located close to Erawan Shrine in the city's business and commercial area, is only a 30-minute drive from Bangkok International Airport. Inter Continental Bangkok is very nominal; a room costs approx. 1,900 Baht (about 45 US $). This hotel is also in a prime central location opposite the Erawan Shrine. This 5-star hotel offers comfort, luxury and spectacular views from all 37 floors. It's only five minutes & # 39; go to the world trade center, shopping malls and a skytrain station. Some of the hotels that offer leisure and business meetings are JW Marriott Bangkok, Athenee Bangkok. A Royal Meridien Hotel, the Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa, the Millennium Hilton Bangkok, the Shangri-La Bangkok, the East Bangkok, The Banyan Tree Bangkok, the Metropolitan Hotel, the Dusit Thani Bangkok, the Pan Pacific, the Sheraton Grande and many more.

Thai cuisine is a century's blend of eastern and western influences. Today Thai food is trusted worldwide. Almost all major cities in the world have Thai restaurants.

The best way to find a hotel is to talk to the travel agency who books the travel ticket to this city of angels, as it is sometimes called.

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Modern Boston Hotels

Boston is generally referred to as the modern American cradle. While keeping the beauty and charm of the bygone era, Boston has witnessed great innovation and economic growth over the years. This kind of modernity and tradition has made Boston one of the hot business and tourist destinations.

To meet the expectations of modern business travelers and tourists, there are a number of modern hotels in Boston. These hotels compete with each other to provide the best facilities for modern high-tech travelers and people with a modern and modern lifestyle.

These hotels are marked with classic comfort and sophistication, with refined details and impossible service. Equipped with modern features like robots displayed in the lobby and high tech decor, these hotels define class and modernity.

The modern hotels in Boston are from the city's bustle and are known for their tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Most of them feature Presidential and Executive Suites with gas-lit fireplaces and luxurious bathrooms with Jacuzzi. Other amenities include plasma televisions with DVD players, cable / satellite TV, voicemail, well-equipped fitness center, private kitchen and a large dining room that comfortably accommodates 18-20 people. Some of these hotels have childcare policies. They provide bed linen or baby cot, although there is an additional payment.

Modern Boston hotels are equipped with business facilities, sports facilities, bar, concierge and restaurant to meet the expectations of modern inmates. In addition, there is room service, concierge services, dry cleaning services, laundry facilities and a safe deposit box at the front desk.

The hotels have an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center and sports facilities for leisure and also photo galleries for people with aesthetic tastes.

As businessmen frequent many of these hotels, the hotels provide important business meetings. They have well-equipped modern meeting rooms and pressrooms equipped with electronic gadgets, audiovisual equipment, fax and photocopying services and excessive desktops. Apart from these ideal business meetings, rooms, helpful and professional staff ensure that every business trip is a success. A good business experience is further accentuated by the availability of conference and banqueting facilities

In total, modern Boston hotels with their innovative and modern atmosphere and facilities can be called high-tech homes away from home.

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The Best Hotels in Puerto Rico

What are the Best Hotels & Resorts in Puerto Rico?

Rio Mar Beach & Spa- (a Wyndham Grand Resort) is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the EL Yunque National Forest; it features balconies with mountain or ocean views. This resort is home to two championship golf courses, three ocean side pools, a spa, fitness center, on-site dive center, and water sports center. It also has 12 restaurants offering a variety of cuisine options from Asian, to Italian, to Mexican, and authentic Puerto Rican. There is a kids Club, casino, and game room on the property.

Hix Island House- Hix Island House interestingly combines indoor space with outdoors, giving you easy access to tropical trees outside your patio, exotic birds chirping, cool island breezes to put you asleep and beautiful sunrises to awaken to. Atop the landscaped roof a canopy is the perfect place to enjoy the sunrise or sunrise. The atmosphere at Hix Island House is casual, relaxing, comfortable, and restful.

Horned Dorset Primavera- has panoramic sea view, and an aristocratic Spanish/European style setting. This elegant property opens unto a secluded private beach, it’s private rooms equipped with queen side sofa beds, luxurious linens, and Persian rugs. Some of the units have private pools; others offer private verandas or sun decks. The hacienda comes complete with seaside terraces, cascades of flowers, and wicker armchairs. It houses two restaurants, three outdoor pools, free kayaking, a bar, and fitness center.

Hampton Inn & Suites San Juan- Is located in the center for the trendy Isla Verde tourist district of San Juan. The hotel is adjacent to shopping, casinos, beaches, and the islands night life. There are 25 restaurants within walking distance. This San Juan hotel consists of two towers connected by a lobby with a glass wall overlooking the swimming pools, Jacuzzi, and tropical garden. Enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast daily, as well as a fitness center. For Corporate travels, there are meeting and banquet rooms with audio/visual equipment. Very reasonably priced suites.

Bahia Marina Bondo Resort- this resort is above a bay and harbor, bordering a nature reserve and the Caribbean suites. What is wonderful about this resort is that it has both Villas, and Suites. All which have private balconies, full kitchens, and sleeping capabilities in the living room. There is access to a secluded beach, lagoon, and barrier reef. Enjoy nearby mountain biking, kayaking, snorkeling, and excursions to uninhabited islands.

Ritz- Carlton: San Juan Spa & Casino- is ideally located on eight acres of prime beachfront property in beautiful Isla Verde, and just minutes from historic Old San Juan, The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan offers five exceptional restaurants, a 24-hour casino, conference and banquet facilities, as well as a 12,000 sq ft Caribbean spa with 11 treatment rooms

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