Fullerton Hotel Goes More Techie

Fullerton Hotel Singapore is a popular accommodation choice of many tourists. Located in the Central Business District, it is very accessible to other businesses such as theaters, theaters, museums, cultural sites, landmarks, parks, bars, discos, restaurants and spas. Fullerton Hotel Singapore, a six-star luxury hotel, was remodeled from a 1930s Palladian-style building.

With its many guests, the Fullerton hotel has decided to improve its aging data center computing infrastructure by replacing it with IBM Blade Center and Storage Solutions. Fullerton chose a more reliable and energy efficient system that supports their new business intelligence, human resources and inventory management applications. This new system will improve the hotel's data transactions and increase the efficiency and accuracy of the processes.

The hotel is also secured with an effective backup file of all the stored data. Backups can now be completed within four hours using the single consolidated storage system. If it takes them a whole day or almost 24 hours to create backed up files, the downtime in administration and storage upgrades can now be reduced and used in a more productive task. Now backup of backup files can only take up to four hours, only 20 percent of the original time!

This new system not only provides more efficiency to the Fullerton Hotel, but also promotes a healthy environment. This system reduces power and cooling costs by 30 percent. It has also reduced the hotel's data center footprint by 75 percent, which helps save facilities and cabling. With fewer systems to manage and update, there are more savings to date. There is also a guaranteed drop in power supplies, which reduces the risk of electricity-related accidents.

The Fullerton Hotel decided to replace their old system with this because they recognized the need to improve their business transactions for their guests sake. If they are more effective in their work, guests will have a better experience in their hotel. The new and improved infrastructure has removed a significant amount of routine, low-value administration for hotel staff. The staff and staff of the hotel can now concentrate on providing more valuable work, such as To meet tourists' needs, support business users, develop new services and help first-time visitors. They want fewer worries because the new infrastructure helps to fulfill their additional tasks.

In a time of technological development, Fullerton Hotel recognized the need to be competitive in the hospitality industry. Second rate service is not acceptable and has no excuse for it. The main problem with a hotel should be to bring the highest service to its guests. And that's what the Fullerton Hotel seeks to achieve.

With the new IBM Blades and Storage solutions, Fullerton Hotel Singapore is convinced that it is competitive enough to meet the challenges of future generations. This new system reduces not only the costs and less the risk of power accidents, it also improves the hotel's service and ensures guests a good stay.

Source by Kelvin Kong