Hotel Marketing Made Easy

Gone are the days of promoting your hotel through magazines, folders and flyers. Today it is the first place a tourist goes ahead to make hotel reservations, the internet. After having grown more than 73% over the past 5 years, internet booking is driving the high wave these days. Recent reports indicate that travel is the largest e-commerce category today, closely followed by airline sales, the online travel industry has recovered $ 700 billion in 2012. The number grows exponentially with services from traditional travel agencies that are quickly abandoned and discontinued. It is clear that hotel marketing today goes to the internet.

Identifying the need to adopt innovative approaches in their marketing strategies designed to attract the attention of potential customers, hotels today, use the hotel website's promotion through internet marketing. It is crucial for a hotel website to be competent enough to convert the number of visitors to bookings. A site's design, layout, structure, content, etc. Has a significant influence on the conversion rate. Rich SEO (Search Engine Optimization) also forms part of this and allows a hotel to stand out on the first page of reliable booking engines. A hotel website today allows customers to take a virtual tour of the hotel, read all available information, study guest reviews and reviews, etc. Based on these factors, the consumer chooses whether to make a reservation.

It is, however, crucial that hotel marketing tools are innovative, less complicated and easily accessible. Visual storytelling is the future of digital. A pleasant and attractive website that captivates captivating images of the hotel and its surroundings captures the visitor's attention and also provides a competitive advantage to the hotel. Dissemination of information is another tool for hotel marketing. In addition, the hotel's website should be able to weave a story that informs guests about the various facilities and services offered. Special attention should be paid to the company's competitiveness over others with regular FAQs to gain more customer satisfaction.

Recent reports indicate that if hotels do not market on social networks, they are likely to have a 2% decrease in traffic each month and those who increase their views by 12% a month. If we leave the statistics aside, the reason for a hotel's internet marketing strategy will include effective social media because of the simple reason this is where all guests are! Ca. 1 in 13 people on Earth are using Facebook today and half of them log in every day! Facebook is a social hub where people connect, interact and share views, opinions, and reviews. This also includes a number of travel information. Making sure your hotel is active in the social scene is an important tool for claiming new guests and keeping the old one.

Source by Kritika Singh