London Hotels to St. Petersburg George's Day

With St. George's Day is approaching and just falling next month on April 23, it can be awful to make a hotel reservation not even yet, but believe us – it will.

Immortalized in the Story of St George and Dragon, St. George's Day sees thousands of people patriotic to celebrate the Saint-England pattern. This will see many descent in London to do so, with many probably going to travel to London without any hotel reservations or accommodation. That is why making an advanced hotel reservation is of great importance.

Possessing a major worldwide reputation as a fantastic tourist hotspot with a number of fantastic hotels, London is very busy on a standard day, but on the day to celebrate England's Protector Saint – it can be guaranteed that London will raise with tourists.

Making a hotel reservation in advance can ensure that you can not only spend the day in the most memorable way, but it also means that you have a decent place to stay – a good hotel to sleep on a heavy night.

Due to the large amount of hotels that the capital has to offer, we have made a brief guide that documents four of the best hotels in London that you could stay on this St. George's Day:

Hyde Park Hotel, Leinster Square: This new hotel lives up to the kind of exterior that is often associated with the West End, but with an added freshness it certainly lives to Expectation n. The studio rooms at this hotel come with high standards clearly in mind. Each room is equipped with a mini-kitchen, flat-screen TV and high-speed internet access. All in all, this is, in our opinion, a hotel that should definitely be booked in advance.

Hampstead Britannia Hotel, Primrose Hill Road: This hotel is very close to both Regents Park and the vibrant Camden Town. might be a bit more basic than Hyde Park Hotel; but what's missing in style, it's more than in place. With a number of designer shops, restaurants, cafes and bars near the hotel, a stay at Hampstead Britannia Hotel will ensure that St. George's Day is being used in the most eventful way.

Apex City of London Hotel, Seething Lane: This Apex City Hotel features an exterior design that is on par with many of its European colleagues. It offers both comfort and style. All the rooms contain the basic as widescreen satellite TV complimented with abstract pieces of art. Advanced walk-in showers and a pillow menu (to keep the painful head comfortable?) Indicates that all stops will be pulled out.

Rafayel Hotel, Lombard Road: Okay, it's a long shot – we know, but this hotel is just as special. Rafayel Hotel is located in fashionable South West London and is the area's most luxurious, environmentally conscious property. State-of-the-art technology and stunning views over the River Thames allow guests who just want to celebrate St. George's day in a quiet way to make it spectacular. It should be noted that this hotel with a five star hotel rating comes at a price.

So why not get rough and make a hotel reservation today.

Source by Helen Unwin