Best hotels in Copenhagen for food lovers


Copenhagen offers a variety of choices for foodies. From delicious Danish cuisine to French to Japanese; from small cozy cafes and patisseries to Michelin starred restaurants. The choices are endless. If you live in a real hotel, your Copenhagen food experience can start right there. And it came to pass that many prominent Copenhagen restaurants are in the best hotels in Copenhagen.

If you want a truly unforgettable dining experience in the most famous Copenhagen, choose Nimbus hotel in Tivoli. The hotel is absolutely unique, perfectly located and has Michelin starred gourmet restaurant, Restaurant Herman, dedicated to Danish classical cuisine in a very unexpected interpretation. Another restaurant in a hotel is Nimb Restaurant, where you get a memorable experience, sitting right in the kitchen next to the chef who sees your meal prepared. Plus, Nimb Hotel has its own diary, yes it churns its own butter and cream. And Vinotek in the basement offers Vinotek more than 30 wines in the glass with 1000 wines on display.

For a great view of the city with fantastic dining, choose the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel. The Alberto K restaurant, located on the 20th floor of this legendary hotel, offers Italian beautifully presented dishes and impressive list of fine Italian wines.

For fine dining in a unique modern minimalist style with spectacular views of Copenhagen Harbor, visit the Copenhagen Island Hotel. Restaurant the Harbor offers simple but delicious internationally inspired menu.

Restaurant Pakhuskalderen in 71 Nyhavn Hotel is one of the most romantic places in the city. The hotel itself is absolutely charming four star establishment with a very special atmosphere and romantic harbor view. The restaurant is located in the corner of the hotel towards the Nyhavn Canal. Restaurant fittings and original Pomegranate beams contribute to the intimate atmosphere and seasonal gourmet. Danish and French dishes are absolutely delicious.

The fashionable Skovshoved Hotel just outside Copenhagen offers excellent Michelin-awarded dining by the sea and the beach. Best time to visit is the summer when you can enjoy creative French / Danish mergers on a terrace in the restaurant.


Source by Alex Sands