Top Luxury Hotels Designed by Philippe Starck


Design hotels are a popular concept, especially in designer boutique hotels. Famous fashion designers, couture houses and interior designers have all contributed to the world of luxury interiors and create unique individual rooms for wow guests. One of the top design names is Philippe Starck, and his work goes well beyond luxury hotels.

Philippe Starck is a French product designer, and his new design style can be seen in countless chairs, lamps, fossil clocks and practical household appliances like toothbrushes and even a juicer. In the late 1980s, he began working with Ian Schrager on the renovation of the Royalton Hotel in New York, and the result changed the hotel's history. Your recognized success was the city's speech. Your next joint project was Paramount Hotel in New York, followed by Delano Hotel in Miami South Beach. While Schrager produced a fantastic foyer, Philippe Starck designed the white-white rooms with English language floating over the bed. Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles was the next to receive Starck-Schrager designer touch in 1996.

The designer duo created a powerful influential style of modern decor like lighting and faucets as well as furniture and superior luxury hotel design all in a modern, modernist style . Their use of ultra-slim lines was taken into account by Starwood W Hotels among other designer boutique hotels around the world.

Starck has worked at a number of luxury hotels in London and Great Britain, including St Martin's Lane Hotel, which gives it a fun and funky interior with gold tooth chairs and luminescent yellow glass to the foyer and rotating glass doors. Glass cubes, 3D art and velvet upholstery mix the modern with the baroque at Sanderson Hotel in London Soho. The San Francisco's Clift Hotel also features the Starck finish with a collection of contemporary furniture in this gracious Art Deco luxury hotel in San Francisco Union Square.

One of Starck's latest creations is SLS Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, formerly Le Meridian. It features Starck-designed display cases in the lobby that showcases furniture designer from Murray Moss. Philippe Starck continues with his daughter, Ara, and continues his work through his company, Yoo Ltd, in several high class apartments with style and simplicity for the residential world as well as luxury hotels around the world.

The best way to appreciate Philippe Starck's innovative design and style is to choose one of these luxury hotels in cities around the world, where guests can enjoy five-star pampering and service in designer boutique hotels with a touch of Philippe Starck design as well.


Source by Alexander Brey