Cyprus, Luxembourg, Italy or Malta: Which country will unravel the eurozone?

Cyprus, Luxembourg, Italy or Malta:? Which country will unravel the euro Cypriot President said that the country’s economy is now to be found, and will not have to leave the euro. But even if you believe this, it means that Europe is barely escaped. Slovenia was interesting last week, and Luxembourg and Malta … Read more at
not “scapegoat” in quiting over Italy maritime case: Ex- FM Giulio Terzi, who left as the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs in Rome decision to send two Marines back to India to stand trial for the murder of an Indian fisherman, says he does not “feel like a science,” said the move surprised the opposition in its government. .. Read more at
Parliament haunts efforts to form a new government in Italy ROME – The head-left coalition center in Italy, admitted on Thursday that he was able to cobble together a ruling majority in almost a week “dramatic” and difficult negotiations with the representatives of political parties in parliament Read more at <. rel = "nofollow" York Times
fight Evans races in Italy Evans, a 36-year-old Australian, finished seventh in the Tour last years and said the virus. Bradley Wiggins, a Briton, who won the Tour last year, will also ride in this year’s Giro and the Tour, but he has made the Italian race is his main goal. Chris Froom … Read more about