Italy Techint Wins Iraq Oil Field Deal

Italy Techint Wins Iraq Oil Field Deal Techint Engineering and Construction (TCNT.YY), an Italian company, has earned $ 387.8 million contract to build housing for workers Iraq’s giant Zubair oil field, Iraq’s Council of Ministers said on Wednesday. Area in southern Iraq was producing … Read more about
DIFF: Reality TV meets delusional insanity in Italy “Reality” family convinces him to try out for the Italian version of Big Brother, and slowly but surely starts going crazy with the ambition to make the cut and get his case to an ordinary man on the tube for all to see. Anyone see him on the street is … Read more at
engine, tire problems in the Pinoy bug Italy Bugged by machine and tire problems, Fil-Swiss driver Marlon Stockinger finished 13th in the field of 26 in race debut in the 2013 World Series by Renault at Monza, Italy Sunday. After completing 21st total kick-off race in 20-foot rows … Read more about
called Nutley-Belleville keep a “Taste of Italy ‘Dinner Dinner is open space and buffet with signature dishes from more than 25 different local Italian restaurants that offer some of the best choices of them. Bring your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy. There will also be a gift prize … Read more at