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first black minister not think Italy is a racist RIM, 3rd May (UPI) – The newly appointed Minister of Integration Cecile Kyenge, Italy’s first black minister says he does not believe that Italy is a racist country. Kyenge, the center-left Democratic Party, was sworn in on Sunday, and has since become … Read more Italy The new prime minister puts stimuli First ROME – Italy’s new prime minister, Enrico Letta, said Monday that it will be quick to promote growth and employment, while easing some unpopular austerity measures adopted to strengthen public finances in Italy and ease heavy debts Read more <. rel = "nofollow" York Times
Italy should use its gold reserves to force policy change in EMU World Gold Council has advised Italy send 2,000 tons of its gold to get rid of EMU austerity dictates. Using reserves – the fourth largest in the world – to collaterally Lise first piece of losses for holders, Italy could raise … Read

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Italy First Coalition Financial markets are breathing a sigh of relief now that Italy has a new government after months of horse trading. A future prime minister Enrico Letta gave them more reason to cheer bold to make a list that suggests he thinks … Read more com href = “”> Wall Street Journal
Amanda Knox calls court ruling .. . Amanda Knox Freedom is back on line. Italy overturned by the Supreme Court acquitted the last month, Knox awaits the return on experience. In an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer, Knox said the decision, “It was … More
Italy The new government won the first vote (RIM) – the new Italian government easily passed its first confirmation vote in parliament on Monday after Premier Enrico Letta made concessions to his allies uneasy alliance, promising to cut part of a slate of measures Savings are measured … more